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17 March 2015

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode 4 is a direct pull from the Franze Kafke novella, Metamorphosis. The novella was written about a man who slowly transforms into an actual human sized insect. His transformation makes him a social pariah and it mirrors his descent into madness and grief.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 4 - Metamorphosis is the final chapter in the Resident Evil Revelations 2 DLC franchise, lets dive straight in and see if it lives up to the hype!

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an episodic based video game developed by Capcom for multiple consoles. Revelations 2 is not a direct sequel but it does bring back characters from older games and it shines a light on them. Capcom has been developing the Resident Evil franchise for awhile now and many fans have been wary of the direction that the team is heading in. So when Revelations 2 was announced as an episodic game, many fans were rightfully annoyed. The series has never relied on 'gimmicks' before, so why should it now? Fortunately, if you are reading this review then that means you have played at least the first three entries in the series and are looking to finish it all off now. Let’s jump in to see if Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 4 - Metamorphosis finishes things off nicely! First, let’s talk about how important Resident Evil has been and how it has changed public perception on zombies and the horror genre.

The Resident Evil franchise has been going strong for over two decades at this point. As a fan of the zombie genre I cannot look at the games without a little bit of pride. After all, the team behind Resident Evil single handedly made the zombie genre mainstream in an entirely new way. Sure we have the King of the Genre in George Romero, but Resident Evil brought about a change in the public perception of zombies. If you don’t agree, just look at the Resident Evil films and how they’ve swayed Hollywood’s perception on the series. So having this backdrop of information you should be able to fully appreciate what Episode 4 brought to the table for us.

The title for Episode 4 is a direct pull from the Franze Kafke novella, Metamorphosis. The novella was written about a man who slowly transforms into an actual human sized insect. His transformation makes him a social pariah and it mirrors his descent into madness and grief. Pulling off of the meaning behind the story, it is clear that Capcom wanted to imbibe some of the depth for Revelations 2. Who we are, fundamentally, is how the world treats us. So seeing our favorite characters go through their evolutions in order to get to this point sort of rounds off the whole allegory. Above all The Overseer stands as the transformative figure, turning her subjects into transformed pariahs. Only these ones are blood thirsty.

The first couple of episodes in the series made sure to instill quite a bit of story and character building into their experience. While most Resident Evil games are 'slow burns', these early episodes were especially so. Thankfully the time was not wasted as we got to really learn about Barry, Natalia, Claire, and Moira. What we learned about these characters helped to humanize them, and the info that was withheld only served to enhance the mystery surrounding it. The pacing served well in the early episodes and it was deftly handled. Now as we finish the game off we can’t help but feel like something is missing with how the finale is paced.

In the biggest action set piece we get to follow Claire and Moira as they finally get to the Overseer. The two women make the confrontation, have their showdown, and are forced to escape with barely any time on their side. The tension filled portion of the episode has Claire and Moira racing against time, and enemies, in order to get themselves free of the old Tower and the complex. While this isn’t the best summary of the events (we don’t want to spoil anything) it still is the most entertaining portion of the episode. It is also, unfortunately, the shorter half of the episode and it only clocks in at around half an hour of actual play time. Yikes.

With Claire and Moira bowing out of the story so early on in the finale it only makes sense that Barry and Natalia get to have a prolonged exit. At first we didn’t mind the idea because, after all, we love the two characters. But as we played through to their ending we couldn’t help but feel like Capcom dropped the ball a little bit. With everything going sideways at the end of the game, and Barry being so adept at kicking butt we had hoped there would be a more ambitious ending to his storyline. Instead we follow Barry and Natalia as they play various fetch quests, running to and fro in order to find certain items. Finding items has always been integral in the Resident Evil experience, but it normally doesn’t pull the focus away from the tension of the final moments of the game. That’s what happens here, unfortunately, and it is a darn shame.

One of the most upsetting things about this final episode is that we don’t get to spend much time navigating through the gigantic tower that has so dominated our horizon and line of sight. The giant building is relegated instead to just a handful of small interior rooms. Further exploration is not possible and the story never lets you go back and experience them again. The tower itself is probably the coolest set piece in the game, next to the final mansion, and it showcases some strong horror elements. The mansion that you go to is pretty cool though and it definitely has some Resident Evil 1 vibes to it, so it is definitely a nod to fans of the series.

Once you finish the finale episode you will granted one of two endings. These endings depend on actions you took in prior episodes, even if the choices didn’t seem so apparent at the time. Once you are finished with the episode you will be handed extra downloadables titled 'The Struggle’ and 'Little Miss'. These vignette episodes add depth to a few characters in the game and last a combined one hour or so.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 4 - Metamorphosis is a solid conclusion that misses at a few key moments.

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