Ridge Racer 2 - PSP

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13 October 2006


Ridge Racer 2 is more an "evolution" of the original than a true sequel. This awesome follow-up expands upon the original giving you more cars, more tracks, more modes and more foot-to-the-floor action than you can shake a stick shift at. RR2 expands the game in all directions. Firstly, RR1's array of 24 courses (including Mirror courses) is expanded to a whopping 42 tracks taken from every iteration of Ridge Racer from the 1993 Arcade original up to the console version of Ridge Racer Type 4. Apart from a stunning, new opening movie starring the gorgeous Reiko Nagase, the most notable addition under Ridge Racer 2's bonnet is a suite of turbo-charged new modes plus the return of some not-so-old favourites. The main World Tour mode returns giving you the opportunity to battle your way through a massive championship of races around the globe.

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Jan 10, 2014

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