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29 October 2010

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Rock Band 3 on the DS features music rhythm play without the need for any peripherals. Each musical part (bass, drums, vocals, and guitar or keyboard) appears in a separate lane, with players able to freely switch between lanes to complete strings of notes. To hit each color-coded note, simply press the corresponding button or direction on the Control Pad. In addition to the single-player game, which has you trying to master all 25 songs, you can work with up to three other friends in a cooperative mode or challenge a rival to a head-to-head match. In the cooperative mode, each musician plays a specific part for the remainder of the song. Head-to-head play offers simultaneous action within the same song, as each participant attempts to successfully hit more notes than the other.

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by Activision
Release Date: 18/07/2008

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It has been said that this is the best music game ever made; that may be so. I cannot say, I haven't tried them all. The game is extremely well produced, but let’s put the statement in perspective. Remove the word music and the statement becomes untrue. We are talking of a pretty dedicated bunch of consumers consisting mainly of ageing rockers, they age very well and I would not be offended to be put in that category, and young music, rock action lovers. With that caveat it is very probably true, judging from other reviews, that this is, to date, the greatest game of its kind.

Necessary accessory:-- The keyboard, or as some call it, keytar, is a new, at least to the game, hybrid idea; a keyboard worn like a guitar allowing the keyboarder to do his share of leaping around, previously only the guitarist could do this. There is also a new range of guitars, one in particular is a new concept, this buttoned version is a strange new piece of machinery. It doesn't look the part but it plays well and there is a button for every note on a standard fretboard. The poor relations, the drums have three cymbals added the previous drum kit. There are tutorials.

Of course all this comes at some considerable price. they can be bought separately or with game packages which include them. Be careful to check with game packages that they contain exactly what you want.

There are various modes, which Rock Band fans will be happy and familiar with. For newcomers, note that not all modes and songs feature all instruments. There are 83 songs on disc and many more available as downloads. The songs speak for themselves, if you've bought this game you are almost guaranteed to like them all.

The career structure has been re-vamped, but in my opinion these aspects of the game are secondary to the music making, so enough said.

Menu navigation is as simple as it gets, with player profiles and instruments able to be switched with a few button presses. You can change songs mid track without restarting, and in multiplayer every player has his own menu window.

Not my speciality, but having seen others play it I was surprisingly very very impressed. As for marks I am not qualified to give them, but the fact that others in the know have rated it the best of the best may well not be an understatement.

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