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12 May 2006

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In Rumble Roses XX, the vixens of wrestling are back! It's got all the "visual enhancements" you expect from a Rumble Roses game, but they're more than just another pretty face. Get in the ring and unload submission holds, reversals, and other new moves to take down your opponent. Go online and team up with another beauty in the all-new Tag Team mode. Compete in a free-for-all to determine who is Queen in the all-new Battle Royal mode. Fight fair or fight dirty - humiliation is the name of the game.

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Back in the late 2004, Konami let the world taste the first Rumble Roses gameplay which was an all-female grappler solely for the PS2 developed along with Yuke's, a long-time wrestling developer. But the game, however, was in not any way for a simulation of wrestling game. On the sly, one can say that the characters are just represented by caricatures of different archetypes and sexual fetishes such as the feisty cow girl, sado-masochist salve, the naughty school girl, etc. That was the very first installment of the game. The new Rumble Roses XX adventure has been modified and tweaked with certain key issues.

If you get the chance to play Rumble Roses XX on the Xbox 360, you will be surprised at how you quickly get familiar with the characters because there are no other characters that will add to your interest. So much like the first game, there are also dual versions of the available characters one is good and the other evil. Moreover, there is also that superstar upgrade as you unlock each game level. The superstar characters then wrestle with the evil or good version of the represented character, only with more cunning and stronger moves.

In addition, Konami has also addressed a single problem concerning the first Rumble Roses installment by bridging the features together instead of improving them. The whole game play bears a sort of absurd story line in it. The course of the story can be instantly linked to the lamest brands of wrestling fan there is, not to mention the bad voice over. The game definitely came from being absurdly amusing to being intolerable at a short span of time.

On the brighter side, you can expect frequent fights and wrestling in Rumble Roses XX. In this game play, you will get the basic singles, triple threat, fatal matches between four characters, as well as a some gimmick fights. As you reach the end, you will get to a match with the queen who is rather predictable with human-generated gaming: the loser is humiliated and determined right from the match's beginning.

The wrestling exhibitions in Rumble Roses XX stays relatively on the bright spot, albeit the game's simple features and dynamics can make it an easy win.

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