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01 April 2010

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Rune Factory Frontier is a character-driven, farm-based life simulation game, similar to its stylistic forebear Harvest Moon, but takes place in a fantasy land of magic and monsters, similar to a traditional console role-playing game. Players set out to tame a wilderness by clearing the land, working the fields, and growing crops. The player's settlement encourages other people to come live nearby, and the community to grows large and strong. Beneath the ground, however, it's a different scene. Players can explore dungeons, fight and capture monsters, and recover quest items before returning to the happy community above ground.

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Release Date: 14/03/2008

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Starting off as the young boy Raguna, you are faced with the challenge of reviving a town, which is seriously on its last leg of survival from social and economic standpoints. All you have to do is make this town progressive again with the sweat of your own brow. Sounds like a real challenge, doesn’t it?

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a farmer, Rune Factory Frontier is going to provide all the ingredients to give you a taste of that dream with a lot of farm and animal management tasks. If you are new to this type of game or doesn’t know much about farming, you may be wondering how farming in a virtual world can even be possible. For those who’ve been doing the thing, however (either virtually or for real), this is just the perfect game. Gathering tools, food and supplies; plowing fields based on what season it is; chopping fire wood and cooking; concocting some of your own medicine; plus capturing and tending to animals, are primarily the tasks you have to carry out to make progress in the game. It is so much fun doing all those stuff – and the great thing about it is you don’t really have to sweat it! Well, not literally, anyway. Your character can get all stressed out, though. But not to worry, a trip to the bath house can easily do the trick in giving your character a much needed rest and restoring his stamina.

The adventure doesn’t end in farming and animal-raising, mind you. It also boasts of a dungeon crawler. You are going to do battles in five main dungeon adventures, which move up the excitement level a notch higher. The possibilities of facing new adventures are endless.

Though the adventures are really exhilarating, the fact that there’s just too much to do in the course of the game can also be pretty annoying. Befriending monsters and using them as your livestock, marrying and having kids are only some of the tasks you have to accomplish in order for your friendship meter to go up; enabling your city to prosper more quickly. Also, having any of the main “jobs” can lift up your economic status in the game and fire up your experience in each level. I’m telling you; the game is colossal! And if there was multi-player online connectivity, this game would have had a real potential of becoming a grim Animal Crossing killer – sounds like a serious threat to the crowd of hardcore gamers.

The fixed camera can have you doing a lot of running. In fact, the town is a bit huge, so running around with that size of town eats up a lot of time. Finding tools can present a bit of a challenge, too; as I found out when I had to find an axe in the vicinity. Talking to a lot of people to find hints and running around the area consumed much of my time…trust me; it could get exhausting, not to mention exasperating! Then out of the blue, when I was beginning to get irked, the church nun I was talking to just toss the axe my away – she had it all this time! There are many more instances similar to this, which I wish had been more streamlined. It seems everything you do is dependent on the game’s own idea of a timetable. Why, you can’t even buy something until the stores open and allow you to make the purchase; so you just loll around in the game. What a waste of time, indeed!

Despite the minor glitches, this game can still be considered truly ideal for adventure seekers. There are even characters that have voiceovers in key scenes, along with the great choice of music. I can safely say it is by far the best console for a Harvest Moon experience yet, after Nintendo 64. The visuals are quite amazing and although I’m cutting myself short of saying it’s one of the nicest looking games on Wii, it can certainly wow you in its own way. Truly elegant and addictive, Rune Factory Frontier is a fabulous package and a must-have.

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