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28 November 2014

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In Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, all three princesses of the Nameless Kingdom have disappeared. Finn (the human) and his best bro Jake (the shape-shifting dog) embark on an original heroic adventure created exclusively for the video game. Players journey through the Nameless Kingdom, an unexplored realm in the Land of Ooo, to rescue princesses and choose the one princess who commands the Nameless inhabitants. After all, every kingdom needs a princess who rules.

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'Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom' was released for the Nintendo 3DS back in November of 2014. The title was developed by WayForward and it found its way to several other of the big consoles. The game seeks to enhance the world of 'Adventure Time', which is a hit cartoon series on Cartoon Network. According to the developers this is a title that seeks to mix the legendary gameplay of action RPGs like 'Zelda: A Link to the Past' and the wonderful world of 'Ooo' which was developed for 'Adventure Time'. Needless to say we had our nerd card ready and couldn't wait to get our hands on the title. We were smiling like idiots as we loaded the game up, ready to partake in a quite grand adventure.

If you are unfamiliar with 'Adventure Time' and unafraid of spending some quality time on Cartoon Network or Netflix then you need to go forward and watch the first couple of seasons. The show releases two 15 minute episodes every week and they are incredibly easy to watch. Somewhat reminiscent of 'Spongebob' and 'Ren and Stimpy' if the shows were mushed together and palatable to both children and adults alike. The story of the show follows the last human in the Land of Ooo, Finn.

In the game you take on the iconic role of Finn with his lovable kinda-stoner dog Jake at his side. The game is set in typical top-down fashion, much like 'Link to the Past'. Your goal in this game is to rescue all of the princesses in the Nameless Kingdom, by order of Bubblegum. Along the way you will meander to different side quests, learn more about Finn's amazing world, and also do some pretty mathematical things with various swords and butt kicking situations. Sure, the concept isn't dramatically different than any number of action RPGs, but we don't care. This is Finn and Jake and it is Adventure Time.

Enough about what the game isn't, let's discuss what the game does so well. Right off the bat we've noticed that everything in the game matches the iconic mood and feel of the 'Adventure Time' television series, down tot he voice acting involved--and there is voice acting, and it is wonderful. All of the original cast has made their way back in order to voice their characters, and all of the dialogue has been recorded. So get ready to hear Jake and Finn and even the Lumpy Space Princess as they drop lines of dialogue written to comedic perfection by the AT writers. That is where most of the magic of the title can be found and it is what pushed us forward through our adventure. We loved simply wandering around in the universe, meandering to side quests when we felt like it while pushing the primary storyline along whenever we were more driven.

For the people unfamiliar with the characters and the world, you'll quickly grow accustomed to the style. You'll meet all of the iconic characters and their personalities are written in broad ink right on their sleeves. There oddness of the names (Space Princess? Ice King? Tree Trunks?) eventually adds to the charm and the world building of the game. We found ourselves inadvertently smiling whenever a beloved character would make his or her way on to the screen.

That isn't to say that the game is all sunshine and smiles. The Land of Ooo is a dangerous place, despite the fun that everyone is having and your adventure will reflect that. If you aren't careful you will quickly start to rack up deaths and frustration.Thankfully the guys and girls at WayForward put in a few safety checks for rash players. There is health to be found hidden in most of the levels and checkpoints are relatively frequent. The game may look childish but it isn't, yet that doesn't mean that things can't be fair.

While wandering aimlessly through Ooo can be a ton of fun, there are some markers to help guide your way. There is a handy map that allows you to keep an eye on where you are going in the game. Quest markers can be seen here, though they are vague and often you have to figure out where they intend for you to go. Getting lost will happen, and it gets annoying, but getting lost juts means you'll have found your way to an interesting side quest.

Our favorite moments in the game were spent inside of temples. These dungeon like levels were filled with puzzles, action sequences, and awesome boss battles that required you to really flex your intellect to get past them. There were action sequences against bosses that required some truly out of the box thinking, yet we were happy to be pushed in this way. We didn't want a game that catered to us at all times.

In comparison to some of the other console versions of the game, the 3DS version of 'Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom' does seem to suffer a little bit. The colors on the screen seem more subdued and there is no reason to flex the 3D abilities. There are instances of screen flickering and glitches can happen at particularly heated moments. These aren't deal breakers as the game still looks good and has all of the charm of the show.

The world of Ooo is pretty large and there is plenty there for gamers to enjoy. If you are a fan of the show, or merely open to the idea of it, you will likely have some fun with the side quests and epic temples. The characters having their voice acting adds to the AT atmosphere and we found ourselves laughing at some of the great lines of comedic dialogue that were added.

As an extension of a beloved cult classic, 'Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom' on the 3DS may be worth paying for if only to learn more about the fascinating world of Ooo.

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