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20 November 2009

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper takes place on August 31, 1888, a horribly mutilated body of a "lady of the night" is found in Whitechapel, London. The killer's methods are quite unusual, and the brutal slaying doesn't go unnoticed at 221b Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes decides to go to the Whitechapel police station to obtain the reports and preliminary investigations by the police and the coroner. He won't get much help, but with his trusty companion Dr. Watson, he starts his own investigation by examining the crime scene and questioning possible witnesses. Soon more deadly crimes on prostitutes are committed. Holmes will have to be at the height of his powers to find out who is responsible for these horrific crimes.

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous fictional detectives of modern times. Jack the Ripper is equally famous for his gruesome serial killing antics, but is non-fictional and who he actually was is unknown, despite countless investigations and theories. Bringing the two together conjures up some interesting possibilities.

The game will allow you to accompany Holmes as he tries to find who Jack the Ripper is. This is more of a detective game than an adventure, but you will still be dealing with clues, puzzles and obstacles and get to track down criminals. This game will definitely stretch your mind as you uncover the answers to the questions posed for you. You can outplay Jack the Ripper by playing it smart and quick, just always stick with the clues and follow deductive logic, as a detective does, and you will never go wrong.

The graphics are good though most scenes are usually dark, as it takes place in the murky alleys and byroads of a fog filled Victorian London, often at night. The audio is also good and the characters perfectly understandable. This helps as many of the clues are contained in what is said. The plot and its presentation are also well crafted; crimes and investigations fit well and the puzzles are relevant to the situations.

Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper is a game of logic where the answers are there waiting for you if you can follow a logical train of thought and do not get distracted by red herrings. A good detective yarn.

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