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20 June 2008

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With SingStar Vol. 2, makeshift musicians can once again belt out 30 different tunes from popular artists, and those unsatisfied with the selection of tracks can head online to purchase hundreds more videos and songs. Other online features include the new Harmony Duet mode, the ability to upload, share, and rate pictures and video performances, and a variety of multiplayer modes for up to eight people. SingStar Vol. 2 also supports remote play, so gamers can use their PSP to wirelessly download songs, create track lists, and rate performances. The original batch of 30 songs includes music from diverse selection of artists, including: Aerosmith, Bobby Brown, The Cure, Eminem, Goldfrapp, The Mamas & The Papas, The Offspring, Radiohead, Weezer, and Yael Naim.

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A lot of song games today feature rock songs only, just like the first edition of SingStar. This time, a game has featured not only the best of the best rock songs but also harmony rich songs that you have known from way back. This is a refreshing look on these types of games. Now, it is not only rock that you can play but also those pleasant to the ear songs. It features songs like Shakespeares Sister's Stay, Paul McCartney & the Frog Chorus' We all Stand Together and Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. There are still a lot of songs that are very pleasing to play as it does not only feature rock.

If you do not have an internet connection yet, your PS3 is the answer for you to be able to play this game. But if you are hooked to the net already, you can do online sharing and play with your friends together. This makes this game very flexible and fun to play. This game has a quick browser which will make search for songs easier. While looking for songs, background music is also being played to avoid a boring time. The features of the first version of SingStar are also present in the second volume so you will not have a difficult time getting around the game.

SingStar 2 will give you a totally fresh way of playing songs on your PS3. It is unique among other game songs that only have rock songs and nothing more. This game has good graphics making you see the details in every scene. And its best feature should be its audio, and it truly is. The sound is clear, crisp and sharp. The game play and depth is very simple. So if you are just after plain music fun, SingStar 2 is for you to try. This will let you enjoy music that sounds good pretty well especially if you had enough of rock songs.

In conclusion, SingStar 2 is plain simple but fun. It is not as complicated as other games. All it wants to give is the enjoyment of playing games and music. SingStar 2 was created to give everyone a breather from all the game songs that have the same list of songs. Giving you a different set and type of music, you surely enjoy playing this game over and over.

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