SingStar Volume 3 - PS3

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14 November 2008


Singstar Volume 3, which does require a micrphone to play and is not included with the game, extends the series with a new batch of song titles from massive names from Aerosmith to Vampire Weekend,  and access to a much more extensive range of music online.

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PlayStation 3


If you have tried Singstar Volumes 1 and 2, you will recognize Singstar Vol.3 as being merely a remake of the older versions. Actually, there are no significant alterations when it comes to these series of games. You will find the list in the tracks as no surprise then. The track list ranges from alternative, rock, pop, country, and R and B. There are 30 newly appended tracks in its list of karaoke series. Apart from that, there have been no new innovations. Your gratification all depends on how you like karaoke series. Online support for this game is superb, as well.

There is wide variety of musical mood that users may choose. There are numerous downloadable lists in Singstore that cost 0.99 pounds (UK) only. If you like the Queen, Fergie Fergusson, or the Green Day, then you can have them! The game functions in order for you to get used of the rhythm. If you find yourself to be out of tune in the beginning, with frequent use of this game, you will get to enjoy practicing.

One discouraging part of Singstar Vol. 3 is its microphone that needs to be attached to the USB port of the PS3. Trophy support is also absent, but these bad things about it are outnumbered by the nice contribution that Singstar can give to you. Once you attach the Singstar to the Playstation, you can enjoy the game with a series of snapshots. Songs in videos can also be played. Saving the file in the PSP3 is possible and you can play them when you need enjoyment. You can also upload your collections in the online site of Singstar and let people watch them from there.

Players may have fun with its Sing Solo Battle, the Duet, Practice mode or Pass the Mic options. These options can bear a maximum of four contending parties. Yes, Singstar is exciting! Singstar Online is one way of social networking that players may share pictures and videos to co-karaoke lovers online.

Purchasing the Singstar Vol.3 that comes with no mic is a good worth for your fortune since it is far way less expensive than buying 30 tracks in e-stores. You can add nice picks every now and then in your collections and commence a great night singing for fun and enjoyment with yourself or with your friends.

Finally, we are in great hope that the manufacturer, Sony Company, will add exciting and interesting games in Singstar. This way, the features will have innovations and new features will surely seize an even wider arena when it comes to gaming online. Singstar Volume 3 is in totality a great thing to be part of your collection. Having this game is like making fun with company of friends. You can enjoy singing without leaving your home and just right at the comfort of your own abode.

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Oct 29, 2013

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