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14 October 2011

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See your figures come to life in the new adventure game, SKylanders Spyro's Adventure, where you collect and use figure which interact with the "real world" by teleporting them straight into the action by putting them on the magical "portal of Power." There are more than 30 collectable interacting figures.

Skylander Character Interaction Figures include Spyro, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy.

This starter Pack is made up of Skylanders - Spyro's Adventure game, the Portal of Power, three Skylander Character Interaction Figures, a poster, three trading cards, a sticker sheet and three Web codes.

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Very seldom do video games manage to successfully cross paths with the world of collectables, but Skylanders SpyroÂ’s Adventure Starter Pack for the Nintendo Wii is one of those titles. Cheerful graphics, sensible controls, expandable and upgradable characters, and a clever premise, all join in to create a wonderful harmony of a video game experience.

The basic starter pack includes everything the player needs to get going. The Portal of Power is easily connected via a tiny USB adapter to the back of the Wii console, which emphasizes the ease of keeping a wire-free environment. The characters included with the portal are simply placed directly onto it, and after a short prompt on the screen, players can get going to explore Skylands and save it from evil.

Skylanders SpyroÂ’s Adventure is a two player co-op game. The easiest way to explain the title is as a platformer, similar to many Mario adventures, but with a few elements of three-dimensional controls included in certain levels. Since the buttons on the Nunchuk and Wii Remote are limited to attack or defend options, characters looking for elevation need to look for bounce spots to jump to the next level. In many cases, this strategy works for and against the game.

Two players can also face off in a battle mode. The battle mode features a number of interactive arenas that are sure to entertain and challenge the most experienced Skylanders players. However, the Skylanders SpyroÂ’s Adventure Starter Pack is merely the beginning for players looking to upgrade the characters and add new ones to explore different areas.

Players can upgrade whatever character they are playing as by simply redeeming treasure collected from playing. The collectable aspect of this title comes into play because additional characters and expansion packs are available at just about every store imaginable. Plus, there are a few variations of each character, which can make it really tough to track them all down. The new characters allow players to access certain areas, but if the 100-percent complete mark is not an issue, the Skylanders SpyroÂ’s Adventure Starter pack includes everything needed to get through the title.

Upgraded characters get more powerful attacks and more potent defenses, which makes the harder stages of the game a little easier. In addition to the upgrades, several hats are scattered, and often hidden, throughout the levels of the game. By simply putting on a hat any character can increase one of the different attributes they possess. Plus, side quests are also available to keep the game fresh, which also add points to different character abilities, like attack, speed, and armor.

All things considered, the Skylanders SpyroÂ’s Adventure will open the world of Skylands for players to explore. This is as much a solid title as it is a cool collecting experience. While no doubt this is a title aimed at younger players, adults can also have a bit of fun with the vast amount of upgrades and characters available because the game seems to always have something new to offer.

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