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Unlockables and Cheats.

Super Sonic Unlock

Collect all of the 180 Red Rings from the 36 acts within the game to unlock the 2nd and 3rd Sonic Simulator acts. Now, beat 21 of these Sonic Simulator stages (you can do this in single player). After this you can select Super Sonic from the now-glowing Options Satellite on the Main Menu.

Collect 50 rings to activate Super Sonic (however some stages will change when you do so). You cannot use Super Sonic in Challenge Mode either.

Easter Egg Manipulation of title screen

At the start of the title screen use the control stick to turn the camera to look at Sonic and the aliens from different angles.

Playable Mii in Sonic Simulator

You must collect 30 Red Rings to unlock a playable Mii in the Sonic Simulator.

Rainbow Star (Minigame)

Beat the game and watch the credits roll to make the Rainbow Star appear on your map screen. Choose it to play the credits minigame.

Finish Line Minigame

At the end of each level you will see a screen with your stats for the level. you still have control of Sonic here, so jump into and dash through the numbers and you may score some rings and extra lives.