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25 May 2012

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Sorcery is an adventure of motion-controlled magic, set in a fairy tale world inspired by Irish folklore. Players take the role of a sorcerer's apprentice, who stands against the forces of the deceitful Nightmare Queen as she seeks to bring eternal night to the land. The PlayStation Move controller is wielded as a magic wand, to cast spells in combat. Players also use motion controls to create potions, in the game's alchemy system. Progressing through the adventure, the apprentice loots useful magical gear, learns more powerful spells, and discovers potion-making upgrades.

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Sorcery (Move Required) is a game that takes motion capture mechanics and jumps them to the next level. Players take on the role of Finn, a young sorcerer's apprentice, who must master the arts of wizardry and magic in order to challenge the forces of the Nightmare Queen. While not the only hero in the land, Finn will be responsible for helping townsfolk and pushing back the forces of evil, ensuring that there is still light left in the land.

What's With the Funny Looking Controller?

Sorcery's main selling point is that when players cast spells they aren't just pushing a button; they have to actually cast them. The controller in the shape of a magic wand has to be jabbed, whirled and slashed in order to direct Finn's magic and to create different spells. Whirling the controller over the player's head to create a whirlwind, slashing it across the ground to make a wall of fire, or snapping it out to fire bolts of magical energy are just a few of the tricks the development team has shown off so far.

Additionally, unlike some motion sensor controllers, it matters where you're pointing in Sorcery. Players use this controller to aim, and if spells are cast with a spin of the wrist then they can be hooked around corners and other obstacles. That can be a greater asset than many players are aware of until they master the gesture.

Combining Magic on the Fly

Another interesting selling point for Sorcery, and one that makes it different from practically every other fantasy game on the market, is that spells combine organically. For instance, say that Finn lays down a wall of fire. If he threw a whirlwind through that wall of fire it would be sucked up, creating a burning tornado. Alternatively if he shot magical bolts through the fire, they would light up to create flaming bolts. All of these choices allows players, and Finn, to use basic spells to create something much deadlier to fling in the face of the Nightmare Queen and her hulking, brutish minions.

Is it Just a Gimmick?

On the one hand, the unique control system for Sorcery is going to be the primary reason that lots of players want to check it out. Players have a magic wand, the character has a magic wand, and it's a much more active form of participation than a standard controller would allow for. On the other hand, while the motion sensor technology is impressive, there's more to Sorcery than the controls.

The game has a simple but engaging plot, with lots of grey areas for Finn to get involved in. There's a huge world to explore filled with a wide variety of enemies to fight and spells to learn and cast. There's also the impressive graphics and effects that renders the creatures and the magic, which makes the game quite a spectacle to behold. Overall, it looks like it will be a great game for all players.

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