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18 September 2009

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In Spectrobes: Origins, gamers once again join protagonists Rallen and Jeena as they travel to exotic lands to excavate, train, and command a variety of elemental creatures known as Spectrobes. The baby Spectrobes must then be sent to an incubator so they can grow strong enough to help Rallen and Jeena battle the vicious "Krawl" creatures that have been terrorizing the galaxy. Excavation takes on the form of a Trauma Center-esque mini-game where players use their Wii Remote and Nunchuk to carve, blast, and chip the fossilized creatures out of their rocky encasements, with quicker and more precise cuts resulting in more powerful Spectrobes.

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The plot of Spectrobes remains dull and even predictable. Its characters are boring and if you have played the other Spectrobes series, you can expect that you will find similar twists in this game. However, the graphics have improved in this series and the spectrobes or the creatures that battle with human masters against the monster krawls have become more attractive in terms of colour and presentation.

The main characters in this game are Rallen and Jeena. They are spectrobe masters and members of the Nanairo Planetary Patrol who are out to get rid of the ruthless krawl monsters. The game starts by your chosen character getting sucked to the planet Wyterra. Spectrobes develop from mere fossils to being full grown creatures. You need to incubate them and nurture them with the items you have collected to boost their health. When they are fully developed, you can assign them to be combatants or attack dummies. Child spectrobes can be assigned for unbolting doors and collecting things. You can also have them solve puzzles while you explore and battle against vicious monsters around.

The combats are action-packed and can be safely considered fun. The controllers are also motion-sensitive and can make this game enjoyable. There is also a variety of weapons that you can choose from but the battles are lame and the krawls are predictable and easy to topple. Some areas can be difficult especially with boss battles but winning against them requires more luck than skill. Leading the spectrobes in battles sometimes require you to repeat attack commands because they can be trapped or just witness the whole action while you are being attacked.

Another downside of this game is that it does not allow you to customize the skills of the spectrobes thereby stopping you from implement a strategic plan to successfully win the game plus it requires lots of leveling up with insignificant rewards. There are also mini-games along the way but they are not exciting enough to enhance the game. You can also opt to engage a friend in or out of the action but he will have limited controls to the spectrobes which can be frustrating. The movement of the camera can also be disappointing because while it constantly follows your character, it usually blocks out your game mate.

As a whole, Spectrobes: Origin has impressive graphics especially with the environments and colorful spectrobes. The entire game can be completed in 25 hours. It has soothing music that allows two players to play the game at the same time and the battles can be averagely exciting. The major downside of this game is that it failed to take Spectrobe to a higher level considering that it is already on console and no longer on a handheld set.

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