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21 May 2010

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Split/Second is a sports car racing game with realistic automobile models, arcade-style action, and destructible environments engineered for massive man-made disaster. Players become contestants in a fictional reality television show that takes speed and violence to new extremes. Races are run in urban and industrial areas constructed especially for the TV show, where buildings, towers, bridges, and other structures are rigged with high-powered explosives. As competitors race around the track, they each gradually fill up a "Powerplay" meter. When full, this meter enables the racer to set off one of the explosive charges.

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On you mark, Get set,Go! Proclaimed winner of the Best Racing Game of E3 2009 by the Game Critics Award and winner of the Best Racing Game by Best of E3 2009 by G4 TV, Split/Second delivers adrenaline - pumping action arcade racing to our monitors in, well, a split second. It tries to be just like any other racing game, with a few hits and misses.

It is definitely visual candy as all the basic elements needed for a game like this are all present and used in tandem with other elements to perfection. And while you're at it, nothing could pump you up more than the sight of an airplane crashing just right behind you, rockets from helicopters trying to bring you down, and towers crumbling down above, threatening to crush your car and bury you in a big pile of mess.

The cars are unlocked as you progress throughout the game, and while some of them are definitely worth the jazz, there are still some which are too bland. Customizations are in the forms of colors and decals only with the latter being automatically put on your car, so you dont really feel that you own your car as you never truly stand out.

Explosions are a major part of the game; and nothing quite beats the feeling of being able to bomb away your enemies or the unexpected trap waiting for you as you go through a bend. But after a while, everything becomes repetitive and even predictable which is up to you to decide if you're gonna use it to your advantage and be the king of the tracks, or get bored.

There are various modes one can race along to, such as the Survivor mode and Air Revenge mode. In the first one, you drive around trucks as you circle around the track while the trucks' loads of explosions are dropped along. For AirRevenge, choppers heavy with missiles run an air strike on you and you must avoid these while getting enough power play to be able to deflect the missiles back to the air.

For something that came out of the Disney factory, this game is truly one of a kind. It follows suit to being shallow but doesn't offer the usual kid - friendly, cutesy, fluffy stuff that we have grown to associating the name Disney with. Split/Second will surely leave you playing around for hours.

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Apr 15, 2014

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