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21 November 2008

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Spore: Creepy & Cute Parts Pack is similar in construction to The Sims 2 "Stuff" packs, this expansion gives creative gamers more than 100 new creature building options and animations designed specifically for the creation of either spooky monsters, or cuddly critters. In all, there are 72 new body parts, 36 new paint scripts, 24 new test drive animations, 12 new paint themes, and 2 new creature editor backgrounds. The Creepy & Cute Parts Pack can be installed and used in conjunction with either the complete version of Spore Creature Creator or the full version of Spore.

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The game is divided into two; you can either creep out or cute out you dear creatures. There are 72 body parts for you to create creatures from. There are 12 parts per each palette, there are two creature editor backgrounds, and there are thirty six paint scripts and twelve paint themes as well as twenty four test drive animations.

If you are a first timer to Spore, the game basically involves creating creatures of different sizes and shapes without interfering with the main game. You can create a creature that is herbivorous, carnivorous or even an omnivorous. You will therefore bear in mind the type of food the animal eats. You will have to put as a major factor before you even create the creature, the type of food that it eats. You have no set rule on how to create your creature, you are allowed to be as creative as you wish and this keeps your creativity flowing and open.

The visuals and sounds have not changed much from the previous versions. The game would however look better if some changes were made on the graphics and sound. Each new body part is meant to enhance the number of creatures to be made in the game and not to alter the gameplay. The more additions you have on Spore, the better it is for the game and it looks to get much better anyway.

With new paints and parts, you have the opportunity to create more unique and gives you more life, the sad thing though is that you can only share the new creations with only those who have bought the new pack as well. You can use the pack to transform and give your earlier creature better looks as well. This is good news to any player.

For someone who has bought the previous version of Spore you will agree with me that the game is quite costly in comparison to its shallowness. It should be far less cheap; the amount it is sold at is not worth because the game is very limited and shallow. That aside there is quite a variety of building wacky and memorable creatures can be created. The game has its disappointments as well as a whole load of surprises to balance.

If you enjoy messing with creature creating then Spore is the game for you. What the Spore Creepy and Cute Parts game does is to add parts for your Creature Creation; basically there is no much new content or action involved. You will feel the price is quite steep but if you are a first timer, this game will bring you to a whole new world and you will enjoy it, irrespective of the high mark up.

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