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02 November 2012

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Sports Champions 2 includes a variety of eye-catching sports, many new features and customisation options, plus stereoscopic 3D visuals for the first time in the series. The set-up menus are bright, clear and easy to navigate with a flick of the motion controller, while the streamlined calibration process means you can start playing with a minimum of fuss and no loss of accuracy. The six events in Sports Champions 2 - bowling, boxing, golf, tennis, skiing and archery - are held across three gorgeous locations: the picturesque Breakpoint Bay, the Swiss Alps-style Mont Vitesse and the sprawling glass Mega Dome. There are several courses and venues to pick from in each location and the surrounding environments are full of detail, especially when viewed in 3D; you can even choose whether your bout takes place during the day or night.

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Release Date: 17/09/2010

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Sports Champions 2 has a few practical sports, the list of the playable sports for this game are Golf, Bowling, Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, and Archery. While Sports Champions 2 has a smaller selection of sports to play, that doesn't mean the game isn't fun and rewarding. Sure, variety can be important, and it's taken into consideration, however, the game itself is the fun part. Not the attention of the selection of games.

Sports Champions 2, much like Wii Sports, is an interactive game that much be played with certain controllers and a motion sensor. The sports in both games are a lot alike, but one advantage that Sports Champions 2 has over Wii Sports is not only gameplay and experience, but the visuals and graphic content are much better. In Wii Sports, the player's Mii (the simplified character they created for most Wii games) is dulled down. Everything down to the body structure is too simplified for most players. Many Wii players want better visuals. The Wii continues to disregard the players' requests, however. Sports Champions 2 offers the same concept of playing an interactive sports game with a better experience and better visuals only on the Playstation 3.

What Sports Champions 2 lacks in the selection of games, they make up for in player character customization. The editor for the player's character is detailed and intense. Depending on what mode the player is playing in depends on whether that player is able to unlock new material like apparel and hairstyles, plus loads of other content.

Many video games are solely centered on their concept without any real regard for gameplay or content. Sports Champions 2 isn't of that kind. The makers split their center between gameplay and concept, which must join hand in hand to make a great gaming experience. Video game companies who are too far into the concept to worry about gameplay tend to miss small but very important things that go along with every single game: the AIs. Many competing video games disregard the importance of AIs, especially in sports games like Wii Sports. Wii Sports was a game that seemed too focus on concept and not enough on gameplay. Their AIs weren't as challenging, while the AIs for Sports Champions 2 were not only challenging but engaging.

Regardless of the minor flaw regarding the selection of games, Sports Champions 2 is an interactive sports game that shouldn't be thrown out automatically due to the selection of games available. Maybe with hope and if people complain enough, the makers of Sports Champions 2 will create some downloadable content that adds new sports to the game. Until that point, however, people should be grateful that a sports game with better graphics and experience is even on the market.

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Aug 6, 2013

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