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05 June 2008

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Sports Island is fun to master for casual and hardcore gamers alike! Experience fun filled sports competition across 10 different sporting events. With easy-to-pick up and play controls, Sports Island will make a multi-sport athlete out of everyone in your entire family. Smash, spike and smoke the competition in events. Play in sports never before seen on a video game console system including Badminton, Curling, and Figure Skating. Or unleash the speed demon in you by racing in Snowboarding, Kart Racing or Motocross.

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If you love Wii Sports and cannot find anything to match it, then you can definitely try Sports Island. It is a variation of this game, but produced by a third-party – not Nintendo. It is called Deca Sports outside Europe and is currently doing well in sales, as Wii Sports 2 is still yet to come.

If you’re looking for quantity or variety of sports, then you should definitely try this one. It has built-in games on 10 different sports, such as badminton, motocross, karting, snowboarding, football, basketball, curling, archery, ice skating, and beach volleyball, that can be played in different modes and number of players. Two-player games are basketball, soccer, and badminton, and archery, beach volleyball, motocross, kart racing, curling, and figure skating can support up to 4 players.

This game is overall enjoyable. The menu screens and graphics are pretty simple and good, as is the gameplay. The variety of games are timed well so you can be able to play each and every game – the downside of which is that if you would focus on a single game, for example the motocross, you would finish the whole course quickly as it only has few laps. Kart racing only has three tracks, figure skating only has 3 programs with the same plots, and archery has the same targets on just different angles.

The game’s system of scoring is also a downside, suggesting the game has a terrible AI. Examples of which are in the sport figure skating, wherein the skaters who have the most falls have higher scores, and in badminton, sometimes the “computer” gives up and just lets you have a point. Beach volleyball however was one of the games I was impressed with as the sand really looked realistic, together with sand movements as the player’s foot falls.

The simplicity of the controls was one thing I liked here, and though they are simple, the game mechanics were well balanced. Steering in the karting and biking were better than the other games of this sort, even kids can control them. Really recommended for the family. Thumbs up!

In terms of quality, it isn’t as good as Wii Sports or other leading games on the market. Some games are limited, but then its overall fun presentation makes up for it. The audio and voices are actually quite repetitive in some games, but this is tolerable. I am also concerned at the fact that the sports are actually mixed bizarrely and do not quite accentuate each other. Another thing that disappoints me is the price it is currently sold for, a little bit less on the price can make it a value for money, since this is a third-party game.

Overall, while being fun and family-friendly, Sports Island lacks depth and complexity. This is great for a game or two, but would bore you once you complete all the game modes. I would recommend this if you just want to have a quality time with friends and family, and not the real gamer type of person.

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