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09 October 2009

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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes has you engaged in a war between a battle droid army and the Jedi. Set between seasons one and two of the series, the game has you tracking down a bounty hunter named Cad Bane and the villainous Kul Teska across more than 30 missions. Playable characters include Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, Captain Rex, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, and Ahsoka Tano. Fight as either a Jedi or a clone trooper across 3D environments overflowing with enemies to shoot, slice, and shatter.

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First review and not a good one. The game is pure crap plain and simple. The title clearly shows that the game is meant for be young audience. In as much as the game is made for the young ones, you will find it well made with great values and unfortunately bluntly with hardcore stuff filled in the game.

The first thing that meets the eye and is rather striking is its rather boring and terrible look. It does not matter which system you play the game on, be it PlayStation, Xbox 360 or even PC SKUs the game is terrible. The game looks better on the Wii version although in general it is crap overall. You will also encounter unresponsive platforming elements which are sometimes very frustrating as much as the game tries to manage the platforming for you. You will find Yoda jumping in as you struggle with the annoying platforming giving you instructions on how to go about things in the game. Yoda will keep explaining and at some point you may get bored because even after you are hours into the game he keeps popping his head and talking, unfortunately he does not come in when you need him most. Like when you are stuck in the game.

You will have to dig hard into the game to find fun given all these faults. You will find the enemies repetitive and also the combat is quite basic with no complexity or uniqueness. However, when you put into action the basic controls, you will find it difficult to navigate and you will have to be very cautious because you will obviously end up with a boring and ordinary game. The game is made more boring by the fact that you still have to use the same old hooks over and over again. The use of droids is the major culprit here. You will find that you can jump on all of them and control them for a while. You will have to do this to control boundaries, drop bombs on particular spots and after doing this repeatedly and then you will then open your eyes and maybe ask yourself why you are doing this so many times.

There are other things you can do here as well. There can be an upgrades system where you can spend points earned on new powers and cheats and lots of other actions. As well you can take up challenging actions throughout the game and set high scores. You will find that even on these actions the production was not done that perfectly. The boredom and frustration are not left out on this as well and generally the whole game is made up of these frustrating faults.

Star Wars the clones Wars Republic Wars is not a game I would recommend to anyone. The frustrating faults make the game quite boring and give little fun at all.

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Apr 18, 2014

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