Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - DS

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29 October 2010

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This game does nothing to attract the audiences and may even repel the young from watching such a fantastic story.

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I donÂ’t know why the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is just so bad, but thinking about its predecessor, that was just as bad. This version is just worse. Why? I really canÂ’t put my finger on it, but other than the obvious terrible control system and the plot, my list of complaints just goes on and on.

The story line is the same as the console version. You will play Darth VaderÂ’s secret apprentice Starkiller but you redirect your life for the light or the good and you go off in search of you love Juno Eclipse. To reach her you need to fight your way through different worlds and meet certain death at every turn. I hear violins!

The D-pads are used to maneuvre Starkiller and that is just plain nasty. It is so difficult to control the light sabres and the tumbling and the kicks while using a stylus. There are spells you can use by tapping on the screen, simple enough but limits your chances in defending your character. The result is a combat play that is stilted and crappy. In the movies the good and the bad warriors were fluid and graceful in their movements. Even the killing became like a ballet movement. In this game, the ballet turns into a parody and comes out stilted and jerky.

To make matters worse, the controls are simply too many for just the D-pad or the touch screen. Doing one movement using the stylus and continuing on to the touch screen is sort of stupid. Sorry, but it is confusing and it makes defense impossible and if it is successful, the character looks like a basic animated character.

I must say thought that the developers did a great job in translating the game to the handheld but thatÂ’s it. Instead of an improvement on the game, this handheld version took a large step backward and just plain failed. It does not help that the console version was already bad, but this just made things worse. I just hope that the developers see their failures in a positive way and finally come up with a better sequel. I am sure I will test it out, hoping against hope that they get better in their attempts.

In summary: presentation failed, graphics, really bad, the sound was good and the dialogues well delivered, the game play, failed and the lasting appeal is a big, red 'F'. In short, it is just plain bad. Such a sorry thing to be associated with probably one of the worldÂ’s most successful movie franchise. This game does nothing to attract the audiences and may even repel the young from watching such a fantastic story.

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