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29 October 2010

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II has the embittered antihero on a quest to reunite with Juno Eclipse, who is now a key asset to the Rebel Alliance in its quest to dismantle the Galactic Empire. Yet Starkiller's former master, Darth Vader, has other designs, seeking the powerful protagonist to further his plans for overthrowing the Emperor. Gameplay once again takes place from a third-person perspective, with Starkiller using a combination of Force powers and lightsaber techniques to defeat foes across multiple environments. Starkiller's improved skills allow him to wield two lightsabers simultaneously and perform new Force techniques, such as the "mind trick," which turns enemies into allies.

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If you have never come across a game that can be describes as both brilliant and a let down at the same time then this may be your first. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is both a brilliant and fun game to play as-well as a disappointing sequel.

First off lets look at the good and what better to start with than graphics. The graphics in this game are very good and the cut-scenes are of movie quality. The environments are detailed, apart from the lightsabers which still go through the scenery. The character designs are detailed are are all up to and exceeding those of the prequal.

Now on to gameplay. In terms of controls, anyone who has played the first game will know that trying to force grab a Tie fighter was difficult to say the least, luckily this problem has been solved as anything you can manipulate with force grip is highlighted. Overall the controls have not changed much from the previous game though trying to throw anything accurately for some distance is still a hit and miss thing. One big thing that did annoy me was the inability to turn off the control hints/tips in-game even though in the manual it says that this is possible (is it just my copy or are others also in the same boat?). The new addition of the "force rage power" is an interesting addition as it basically can turn a losing battle into a massacre as it overpowers starkiller it's fun to use but you only really need to use such power on the much harder difficulty settings.

The story for the game is very good, but the story is too short. In all honesty to whole game was too short but I'll get on to that in a bit. Anyway, the story itself fits nicely with the other stories from the star wars universe, which helps the game to be more enjoyable for Star Wars fans but not so out in space that new comers get lost.

Now for the negatives. First off the length of the game compared with The Force Unleashed is short, the number of locations is not very impressive either, nor are the variety of enemies (primarily stormtroopers) also unlike the earlier game there are very few ways to take down the larger enemies.

Overall this has been a hard game to rate. Because everything is there it's a great game but when the end comes along I can't help but think is that it and wonder when or if any DLC is coming. So yeah, I will recommend it but either rent it or wait till the price comes down because it's just too short.

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Jan 18, 2014

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