Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Ultimate - PlayStation 4 Cheats

Unlockable Trophies.

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Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Ultimate PlayStation 4 Trophies

Complete the indicated tasks below in order to unlock the corresponding trophies within the game.

A Cut Above (Bronze): Complete The Lost Clones Sector 02 - Final Cut.
Above Standard (Bronze): Complete Sector 007 - Double Standards.
Antiquarian (Silver): Collect all pickups in The Lost Clones.
Attention to Detail (Silver): Find all pickups in any Chapter.
Beat the Slide (Bronze): Complete Sector 005 - The Downward Slide.
Blending In (Bronze): Complete The Lost Clones Sector 01 - Return to Blender.
Clone Survivor (Bronze): Locate all Lost Clone Survivors.
Consummate Professional (Gold): S-Rank all levels.
Contract Complete (Silver): Complete all Sectors.
Economy Class (Bronze): Complete a level without using a vending machine.
Equipped for Business (Bronze): Unlock all equipment.
Feet on the Ground (Bronze): Beat a level without jumping.
Finder's Fee (Silver): Collect all teleporter chamber pickups.
Hide Harder (Bronze): Complete five different Lost Clones levels in a row without being spotted.
Job Security (Bronze): Complete Sector 003 - Security Crackdown.
Location Manager (Bronze): Complete Sector 004 - Relocation Options.
On the Fast-Track (Silver): S Rank all levels in any Chapter.
Ranks for the Memory (Gold): S-Rank all Lost Clones levels.
S We Can! (Gold): S Rank all teleporter chambers.
Silent Partner (Bronze): Complete Sector 006 - Silent Takeover.
Technical Skills (Bronze): Complete Sector 002 - Technical Damage.
Toy Master (Bronze): Complete TC Sector 01 - New Toys.
Valued Resource (Bronze): Complete Sector 001 - Inhuman Resources.
Warped Mind (Bronze): Complete TC Sector 02 -“ Warped Thinking.
Working Overtime (Bronze): Unlock all levels.