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31 October 2014

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In Sunset Overdrive, the FizzCo corporation's OverCharge Delirium XT energy drink unfortunately turns anyone who consumes it into a disgusting mutant, and before players can escape they must search the open world looking for survivors, and use comical and deadly weapons to dispatch a variety of monsters, members of rival factions, and FizzCo's rogue bots. Gamers can also join up to seven online friends and battle waves of mutants in the co-op Chaos Squad mode.

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'Sunset Overdrive' on the Xbox One is an open world third-person action shooter video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Studios.

If you have a pair of eyes and haven't been living on the bottom of the ocean then the odds are good that you've heard of 'Sunset Overdrive'. This open world, third person, adrenaline rush of a video game has been marketed to death in just about every place imaginable. That's okay though as we tend to forgive massively hyped games when they live up to their expectations--which 'Sunset Overdrive' absolutely managed. to do.

What is going on in 'Sunset Overdrive'?

In the not so distant future there is a new energy drink taking over the marketplace and it is called 'OverCharge Delirium XT'. Sounds delicious, right? It probably is but it comes with a massive side effect: it'll turn you into a mutant. Employees of the company responsible for the mutation causing energy drink, FizzCo, want to escape their creation like the rest of us. You are one of these surviving employees and it is your job to get the heck out of there. As you can see from our brief synopsis, 'Sunset Overdrive' never tried to take itself seriously. In fact if the game at any point wasn't self aware then it would have failed completely. You can't be this far 'out there' without knowing exactly what it is that you are looking for. Insomniac Games, known for producing such titles as the 'Spyro', 'Ratchet and Clank' and the 'Resistance' series, seems perfectly capable at deftly balancing all of the chaos that their game is centered around.

Sunset Overdrive is Supreme Open World

For awhile there the term 'Open World' was little more than a buzz word designed to pull in gamers to try half finished ideas. 'Sunset Overdrive', much like the hit roleplaying game 'Skyrim', truly embraces the term for everything that it has. Players will navigate a chaotic cityscape that is completely traversible. Not only are you able to run, jump, and clime everywhere but you will also utilize such traffic methods as skate grinding, zip lining, and parkour running. In fact we have found through our own playing that it is highly unlikely you will ever actually walk anywhere. The world is so big and you are often times so far away form where you want to be that it only makes sense to employ these fast paced traveling alternatives. Your character will bounce, fly, grind, and fall throughout a giant world of absolute insanity. While you can stick to enjoying the experience on your own it is possible to go online with the 'Chaos Squad' mode in order to share the violence with up to seven other players.

Core Gameplay is Impressively Deep

Gameplay footage will show players zooming around the screen as violent little blurs, easily taking out the hulking monsters that have taken over their city. The truth is that the game is as hard as it looks. You have to be on point and always on the move in order to find the success in combat that many players employ, or else you will become food for mutants. Learning how to move between all of your different weapons and abilities is a much needed skill for long term success. Fortunately 'Overdrive' refuses to punish players for failing and instead encourages it. There are fast load times and a quick respawn to always keep you back on the controller.

Sunset Overdrive Is What YOU Make It

One of the crowning achievements of 'Sunset Overdrive' is the fact that it is a completely customizable experience. Every bit of the game changes with the way that you play. Are you the kind of player that wants to wallride the entire city? Then your stats in those areas will boost and your abilities will encourage you to keep chasing the skill. Do you want to wear a funky mask and go around beating up robots with a flaming bat? Why not! Go be the fire-bat superhero if it excites you. The point I'm getting at here is simple: there are no trails to follow except for the ones you blaze.

Sunset Overdrive is Bold.

If we had to sum up our experience with 'Sunset' with a single word we would use the term 'bold'. 'Overdrive' is never afraid to get silly but it also never stops being a smart experience. This is not a game that you can hack and slash your way through. A keen eye for strategy and customization will lead you to a gameplay experience that we haven't seen since the glory days of PC Skyrim.

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