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02 December 2011

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in Super Pokemon Rumble on the Nintendo 3DS, your Toy Pokémon will face dozens of Pokémon at once in fast and furious real-time battles! You’ll also run into giant Boss Pokémon, whose massive size and strength will make them especially tough to defeat, and who can become powerful allies if you’re lucky enough. You can collect more than 600 kinds of Toy Pokémon in Pokémon Rumble Blast, including those from the recently released Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games.

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Release Date: 14/06/2013

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Super Pokemon Rumble for the 3DS is similar to the previous Pokemon Rumble but offers new features that the previous game did not have. In the previous version of the game, players explored new areas and fought Pokemon and were able to choose their favorite Pokemon and embark on adventures as the Pokemon of their choice and in that respect this game is not really any different.

The storyline for this game is very basic in that you get to pick a Pokemon to play as and fight other Pokemon. Players do get to advance and collect newer and stronger Pokemon as they run into them, but they must keep in mind that there are only so many slots to hold them and so some Pokemon previously captured may have to be released if all the slots are full. As you battle on the main objective is to stop and capture the person or persons who are stealing Glowdrops (fountains that heal Pokemon) from the towns.

Super Pokemon Rumble lets players explore as their favorite Pokemon in various areas while free roaming, so now players are no longer forced to fight in one closed area. At the end of every area, there is a boss that gets harder and stronger as time goes on. The areas also become more difficult and both the areas and bosses feature different Pokemon so that the players are not playing repetitively.

While exploring, players can visit the towns which each area contains and in these towns various tasks can be done such as buying new and stronger moves, releasing Pokemon, and using Glowdrops fountains that produce a similar effect to that got from going to a Pokecenter where your Pokemon can be healed.

Super Pokemon Rumble is different from its predecessor in that players can now battle and capture Pokemon from all five generations and you can also get the Toy Pokemon from those five generations as well. Super Pokemon Rumble also lets players battle wirelessly with other battlers using the StreetPass tagging system, and players can also see who they are playing against via Miis and can even see what Pokemon the other player has.

Qverall the game is pretty much more of the same but with some added interest to spice it up a little, but is fun for the none too serious gamer and Pokemon collector.

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