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29 October 2010

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The game may have some appeal to new players but for those who have already been there, done that…there’s not much there that I’d consider worth my while.

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7.8 / 10
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by Warner Bros. Interactive
Release Date: 09/10/2009

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Nintendo DS


The new instalment of Scribblenauts, dubbed the Super Scribblenauts, is now out there on the market. The initial game had many problems but the sequel did little to make any significant improvements; thus don’t expect major changes that may turn the tide of the game itself.

The game is very simple, and although it involves solving challenges that vary from easy to difficult, it’s ultimately all about finding the right words. Some challenges include performing in odd situations where the interaction of objects or persons borders on the hilarious. The humor mainly lies on the execution of the task and the corresponding reactions. Say, there’s a task or challenge that requires you to gatecrash in a wedding…the fun part is how you do such task and how the people react to the things you’ve done and the situation you create.

The challenges are a mix of situations, sequences and hilarious events. This makes the game unpredictable, and further renders the game levels more appealing to the players. Super Scribblenauts aims to present the game in a much simpler way. Navigation through different levels is made more visually appealing and despite some mapping, the game is better streamlined than the first. The new instalment adds a new level that involves adjectives, typically done by completing a sequence. Your wit and quick-thinking to respond to the challenges at hand is certainly put to the test here.

Although, the addition of the new level gives a new touch to the game, it still lacks the spark to make the game more creative as a whole package. The addition of the new level is not exactly the bedrock of the game’s existence; hence, it is safe to say that the sequel is much the same as the original. On the brighter side, the presence of the hint system eases the difficulty a bit and even makes the challenge easier to comprehend. It is a valuable tool that helps you understand what’s going on and what you’re supposed to do in the situation; because if the truth be known, the game in its entirety has plenty of gaps that leave you wondering if the developers have forgotten something.

The difference of the sequel and the first Scribblenauts lies mainly in the number of stages. Whereas the original features 220 stages, Super Scribblenauts now only has 120. The 120 stages of the sequel deals with more difficult problems compared to the challenges of the first one. The fact that the stages of the sequel are more difficult likewise creates the impression that it is too difficult for kids to play the game; thus, discourages them at the onset. They difficult challenges even lack the learning component, which can dampen the interest to pursue playing the game. The bottom line is that the challenges in the second version lack balance as compared to the first instalment.

The biggest improvement that the game can boast of is its controls. In the new instalment you already have the option to use the stylus to point and command; or you can still use the arrow buttons. Choices aren’t that great either – you can choose whether to play the game the conventional way or the awkward way – still there are options. You might say the game has improved based on the levels of the new game. But that’s about it. The rest are basically the same; including the graphics that hasn’t really seen any major transformation.

The sequel has its own surprises but it has not given us any new sense of appreciation. Everything is the same with the exception of the controls and the levels. The game may have some appeal to new players but for those who have already been there, done that…there’s not much there that I’d consider worth my while. For some, though the addition of complex levels may still hold some attraction, I seriously doubt there’s going to be great success there.

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