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20 October 2015

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Tales of Zestiria o the PlayStation 3 was never going to live up to the graphical elements of the new next generation consoles in terms of graphics,  but the open world gameplay, items to boot, character modifications makes for a worthy experience regardless of this small flaw.

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Tales of Zestiria is a Japanese role-playing game. It is the latest release to date and is the fifteenth main entry in the Tales series, developed by Bandai Namco Studios and tri-Crescendo and then later published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 in disk format and also released on the PC in downloadable format, this game was released in October 2015.


The story follows a young man named Sorey who was blessed with powers by the mystical spirit race known as the Seraphim, the Seraphim act as a kind of stabilizing force within the land they occupy. Sorey with the aid of his mystical powers travels to free the land of Glenwood from the threat of the Hellion, these creatures have spawned by no less than physical negative emotions. His main objective is to become The Shepard, a person of great power that can banish Malevolence and return harmony to the land. Your quest is to save both humanity and the Seraphim from the evil clutches of the creature known as Malevolence.


Sorey wields a one-handed sword during battle and has the ability to fuse together with a seraph in a process called Armatization. Mikleo is a calm individual. In battle, Mikleo uses seraphic Water artes and a long staff to fight off enemies. Alisha Diphda is a princess and she fights with a long spear and has a serious disposition, she also has quite a masculine voice. Rose comes armed with two daggers. She is the daughter of a merchant and has a cheery feel about her. Lailah guides Sorey into becoming one of the legendary Shepherd. She uses seraphic Fire artes and paper in battle. Edna distrusts humans. She uses seraphic Earth artes and an umbrella in battle, her other talents are belittling others. Dezel is an outlaw of the seraphim, he uses seraphic Wind artes and a pendulum as his main weapon. Zaveid can be seen as a bit of a joker amongst the others, however, when he gets serious, he has no qualms about attacking others.


Tales of Zestiria is set in a fantasy style world which uses three-dimensional characters. The game's main world employs an open world layout which is not keeping with existing models from the series. There are also more special abilities which can be gained by completing side-quests which are available throughout the lands, these require you performing several side-quests for the creatures which are known throughout the land as Normins. Like with so many of these role playing games there is an option to buy various weapons throughout the lands, you can even combine certain weapons, in effect infusing them together to form an additional weapon, or accessory. If you frequent a shop enough times it will eventually increase the items which can be purchased from the shop, offering much higher end items which are more useful. Some of the items which can be purchased from this shop consist of armor, weapons, and various outfits and so on.

The game also has much faster gameplay by using a real-time battle system, allowing for faster combat techniques, side dashes and new combinations which can be used using the fused weapons, the overall visual presentation despite the fast paced action can be merited, the overall graphics on the game really shine. The overall characters seem to pan well together as well, and the music and other elements which make it complete seem to complement each other really well.

There are also magical attacks which can be performed, these are known as "Armatization", this happens when you fuse either Sorey or Rose with a chosen Seraph to produce a powerful hybrid form, this form then uses the power of that Seraph whatever power they possess. During your time in the hybrid form all of your stats are boosted somewhat, including your special abilities. Depending on your chosen character, these special abilities vary, so this mean that certain characters have different special abilities. If one of your human character forms happens to die, so long as you have the Seraph partner still in the game you can then resurrect this human character back into existence.
Overall Presentation.

The pro’s far outweigh the cons when it comes to Tales of Zestiria, you have an open world to explore, some really nice features and customizations, and that coupled with decent gameplay is enough to stand it against other such titles of similar genre. If anything, I found the storyline within the game a little weak, perhaps some more thought should have been geared towards a more plausible storyline, but on the whole it is on par with other Japanese titles that plague the market. The game overall will take around 40 hours to complete from start to finish.

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Oct 29, 2015

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