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16 March 2012


In Teraria the players can do almost anything they want, with anything they happen to find, above or below ground. But beware, there are enemies who will try to stop you doing anything they don't want you to do, which is pretty much everything.

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Release Date: 24/05/2013

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Terraria is a game where players can pretty much do anything they want. The game is an open world land, with different terrains, characters and enemies. Players can build new buildings, craft tools, barter items, explore the land and fight enemies. The game is exactly what the player makes it. It can be an adventure. It can be a strategic building game. It can even just be a life simulator. It all depends on the player and what they want to do.

The style of Terraria is a simple pixel design. The graphics are cute and fit the style of the game. Players can customize their own characters with different hair styles and clothing choices. There is the option for being a male or female character and there are different options for both gender. Players can also adjust the difficulty settings in the create a character mode. This will make playing the game easier depending on how they adjust their character. Players can choose between softcore, mediumcore and hardcore modes.

The game generates a world for players to play in. There are three options for the world. They include small, medium and large. The smaller worlds are a little easier for players to manage, where the larger ones are better for experienced players. The world has different environments. There is a beach, forest, jungle and caves -- to name a few. Players are usually first spawned in a forest and can explore the world to find other environments. One environment, known as Corruption, acts as the evil force in the world. Corruption can spread and players are challenged to stop it from spreading. There are many enemies in Corruption areas, and players must fight them while attempting to stop its spreading.

There are other enemies that players can battle. Each environment has their own enemies to fight. The fighting mechanics are simple with weapons that players can craft from items the collect in the world. Enemies are easily found when mining in caves or when traveling at night.

Collecting items and mining is a big part of the game. Collecting items is done by foraging the world and bartering with NPC characters in the game. Players can cut down trees, pick plants, dig in the ground and mine in caves. Finding resources in caves is relatively easy. Players can find different resources at different levels of value. Then, they are able to craft objects such as picks, torches and building materials. With them, players can build homes to live with and store their items.

The collectors edition of the game includes extra items and in-game content. Some of the physical items from the collectors edition includes, a pickax key-chain, poster and trading cards. The player also receives an in-game pet bunny.

Terraria is a fun game for all ages. Younger players may not enjoy the complexities of the game as much. There is also a little bit of violence, though due to the design of the game, it isn't graphic.

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