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21 October 2011

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In The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn on the 3DS, you can experience action and adventure while investigating a mystery that may ultimately lead to an immense underwater treasure. The journey proves to be difficult and requires teaming up with the smart witted canine Snowy and the crochetty Captain Haddock, in an attempt to outsmart grasping greedy art collectors, insane arms dealers, and sundry crooks to discover the truth which lies behind the Secret of the Unicorn ship.

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Release Date: 21/10/2011

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Designed to tie-in with the Spielberg movie, The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn on the 3DS is a fast paced, engaging game featuring one the world's most followed comic book hero's, Tintin, his lovable floppy dog, Snowy and sometimes sober, Captain Haddock. As in the comics books by Herge, Tintin is a newspaper reporter always on the look out for an exciting scoop. This one starts when Tintin buys a model ship called the Unicorn, the mast of which Snowy accidentally breaks to reveal a piece of paper hidden inside, a clue to the whereabouts of an enormous treasure. Thus, the adventure begins.

As Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock, search for one of the world's greatest underwater treasures, they encounter a host of villains including; art collectors (who knew?), arms dealers (goes with the territory) and assortment of other dastardly crooks. It's fun because it's not just all sword fights. Its got race elements, puzzles, and of course the engaging background story of Tintin to discover. It comes with more than 20 hours of possible gameplay, and it take you to some exotic locations such as the city of Bagghar and the Sahara Desert.

This is a single or double-player game with 20 different globally scattered environments. The platform of the 3DS lends itself well to the game. In 3D the graphics are visually fun and at times really quite stunning. The puzzles (although simpler than the Wii versions) are challenging enough to give your child some mental exercise. There is also some additional material included as well, such as the fun and helpful Haddock's dreams. You can also play in the present or the past which gives the game an interesting spin. There is a real story here and fans of the book are certainly going to become fans of the game.


Story is portrayed like the original comic book so Tintin and his cohorts only speak through a bubble above their heads.

Additional characters are unlocked as you move through the story.

You can compete against AI in challenge mode.


The 3DS games do NOT work in the plain DS platform. You need a 3DS to operate this game.

It helps to know the movie to figure out what's going to happen next. You can rent the movie or check it out from your local library.

The action gets monotonous. This game was clearly designed with kids in mind. That's not to say adults won't have fun piloting a bi-plane as Tintin, but kids will probably get the most enjoyment.

The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn on the 3DS is also easy to figure out as well. There are plenty of forums on line that offer hints, cheats and walkthrough's. Rated E for everyone, this game is designed for the pre-teen set. It's challenging enough to keep them engaged, but not frustrating enough to have them give up.

The retail price of the game is £39.99, although it can he had online for under £13. You can probably find it used for a little less than that.

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