The Adventures of Tintin: The Game - PS3 Cheats


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The Adventures Of Tintin PS3 trophies.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding trophies:-

Marlinspike's heir Unlock all the game's trophies.

Crab collector Collect all the crabs with golden claws.
Master treasure hunter Find all the TREASURES in 'Tintin and Haddock' mode.
Showered with platinum Finish all the platinum challenges.

Champion catcher Catch an object in full flight with the grappling hook.
Stronger than Red Rackham Beat Red Rackham in a sword fight.
Super-sleuth With Snowy, find all the buried objects in 'Tintin and Haddock' mode.
Supersonic parrot Finish 'The mystery of the talking bird' in less than 3 minutes 30 seconds.
Treasure hunter Find Red Rackham's treasure.

Acrobat reporter Move along the length of the Karaboudjan using the grappling hook.
Acrobatic duo Give your partner 5 leg-ups in 'Tintin and Haddock' mode.
Armor expert. Sir Francis use the armor to knock out 20 enemies.
Art collector Knock out 10 enemies with a painting of Sir Francis.
Aviation ace Finish every level of the three types of PLANE challenges.
Bagghar Finish chapter 22.
Banana king Make 15 enemies slip on a banana skin.
Brittany Finish chapter 28.
Cane and able Thomsons get rid of 22 enemies with your stick.
Cane juggler Bounce 10 objects off Thom(p)son's cane.
Castafiore unlocked Unlock the Castafiore.
Complete artist Finish a Tintin and Haddock mode level without losing any coins.
(Apart from the side-car levels).
Easy Rider Finish all the SIDECAR challenges.
Ever-dry In the PLANE challenges, stay near the water for 7 seconds.
Experienced pilot Get through the storm safely and reach the desert.
Five go bang Get rid of 2 enemies at the same time with an exploding object.
Football champ Knock out 2 enemies in a single throw of a ball using a rebound.
Giant Rackham Take 1 Beat Giant Rackham a first time.
Giant Rackham Take 2 Destroy the galleon.
Giant Rackham Take 3 Beat Giant Rackham again.
Giant Rackham Take 4 Destroy Giant Rackham and the galleon.
International reporter Get to Bagghar.
Karaboudjan Finish chapter 16.
Lights out Knock out 5 enemies with a chandelier.
Look out below. Pull five enemies off a ledge you're hanging onto.
Marlinspike Finish chapter 10.
Master rat exterminator Exterminate 20 rats.
Metalhead Throw a pot at an enemy's head.
Motorcycle ace Finish a SIDECAR challenge without crashing into a wall or obstacle.
Passenger in transit Change characters in flight with the parrot.
Pilot gold medal Get gold in all three types of PLANE challenges.
Sidecar gold medal Get gold in all the SIDECAR challenges.
Sir Francis unlocked Unlock Sir Francis.
Stronger than Diego Beat Diego the Dreadful.
Stronger than William Beat William the Pirate.
Swashbuckler Finish all the SWORD challenges.
Sword gold medal Get gold in all the SWORD challenges.
The Castafiore does her turn Castafiore do 45 spinning attacks.
The flea market Finish chapter 4.
Thomsons unlocked Unlock the Thomsons.
Untouchable Finish a SWORD challenge without getting a scratch.
Wardrobe full Buy 30 costumes.