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29 June 2012

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The Amazing Spider-Man throws New York City's brand new hero back into free-roaming, web-slinging action, as he protects the Big Apple from a deluge of unimaginable threats. Enjoy challenging Action Platforming gameplay, set in an open-world game environment packed with real-time navigation and combat choices. Utilizing set, and random mission play, fight small-time crime, participate in unusual photography shoots, and defeat an array of reimagined enemies familiar from Spider-man comics and movies.

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In The Amazing Spider-Man for the Xbox 360 you take on the role of Peter Parker who is, as you are probably well aware, the alter ego Spider-Man. In this web slinging masterpiece, you have various encounters with otherworldly creatures as you sling shot around Manhattan. These otherworldly beings are in the city as a result of a breakout of creatures from a lab located at Oscorp Towers, which is where this infestation of the city started.

The free roaming aspect of this game is its biggest appeal, being able to scale very tall building and then dive from them before spinning a web and then web swinging through the city. There are also plenty of smaller missions located throughout the city as well as the larger combat missions.

The combat style in the game is modeled on Batman Arkham Asylum, or so it seems, the style of multiple combat moves forward smoothly resulting in much better moves and strings of combats, allowing you take on several baddies at once. You might perform several different combat moves from multiple kicking and punching to stealth style takedowns.

As you progress through the missions you unlock an array of extra combat maneuvers and this is where the game really shines. So for example, later in the game you might be crawling across a ceiling above several bad guys and are then able to mummify them with a web. Or you may simply fire a web bolt and the bad buy suffocates and sticks to the wall closest to the enemy. Other combat upgrades are available as the game progresses which only adds to the variety and overall likeability of the game.

The Amazing Spider-Man is not perfect and has some minor glitches which I noticed during free roaming around the city. As you scale buildings and collect antennas, and complete various tasks and missions you are able to fire web bolts into the sky which pull you higher and higher into the air. The only problem with this is the web bolt does not actually attach itself to any actual object or building. Obviously you can swing from building to building, but what I am talking about is when you reach the highest point of a building you can fire your web directly up into the sky and it will pull you into the air whilst not attached to anything.

You also have the ability to jump great distances at a push of a button, or use the side buttons to cling to the nearest lampposts or sign etc. The speed at which this is undertaken is very fast indeed, likewise for the combat strikes at speed when attacking enemies from walls or ceilings.

You have the option of stealth in those kind of combat situations and you can retreat really fast, for instance you can swoop down on enemies in a blink of an eye and attack, then quickly retreat to the wall or ceiling inside the compounds without being noticed. Occasionally the patrols searching for enemies, once they spot one, are upgraded, and these patrols start to move around with more fluency, shining torches in an effort to spot Spider-Man. Once spotted you have to move quickly, either moving to another location using the side buttons, and if fast enough with the trigger you can quickly move to another area of the room, or quickly engage in combat and swoop and strike.

Overall the Amazing Spider-Man is amazing and the free roaming and 3D textures of the building whilst web swinging at a very fast pace makes this a worthy contender in the race for comic super heroes franchise best video game.

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