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02 November 2007

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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is a strategy game in which you can be a part of any of the three factions namely; the Chinese, Japanese, and the Indians. Each of these factions have their own campaigns, making it all the more enjoyable. Packed with huge armies, cultural buildings, and a number of maps the Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties keeps you engrossed throughout. This strategy game also features a number of game modes including King of the Hill, Regicide, Treaty, Supremacy, and Deathmatch, making it a lot more competitive. Moreover, this game boasts a strategic gameplay with a number of campaigns to keep you entertained throughout.

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I have to admit I have been playing Age of Empires since the very first one and have called in many times, lost sleep, and even gotten divorced because of AOE. If you are fan this game really doesn't need any introduction at all. In fact, it is probably the paramount of great RTS games. What isn't fun about creating a civilization and conquering your foe?

As one might expect the game plays the same with home cities, and trying to collect all three resources and squash your enemy (all while passing through the different eras). There are all new cards which are unique to the different civilizations. I do like how you can ally with European powers by buying reinforcements and using "tribute", which is the forth resource. In black and white tribute is a tax that grows with your economy. The European forces can really help gain a sizable advantage over your enemy, as well.

So what are you going to get with this new expansion pack? You will receive three new civilizations, and yes as you guessed it they are from Asia. The three new civilizations are China, India, and Japan. This game now comes with three new campaigns for each of the civilizations. For instance, the Chinese come with a navel campaign in which you use your naval units to complete their missions. But, the Japanese campaigns have to do with the Warring States period and the rivalry of Shogun (which happens to be my favorite). The Indian campaign is pretty cool to and it deals with the East India Trading Company, and you will be responsible for throwing off the oppressive yoke (This one did take me the longest to complete).

So more about the new civilizations now. The Japanese have always been my favorite because they have samurais, which are extremely powerful. In fact, they might be the most powerful infantry in the entire game. However, the Chinese and Indians are pretty good to and can get a large of amount of troops in a small amount of time, which is good for booming. To be honest with you I have only played with the Japanese for the most part so far. Still trying to master them, but I do like the other two civilizations, as well.

One thing I really like about this expansion is they brought back the wonders. Which I am not sure why they took them out of AOE 3 in the first place. They were in the first two and for some reason disappeared in the third one. These wonders are great and can give you a big advantage. Each of the three Civilizations has five wonders to choose from and the Chinese can build wonders that give you a chance to heal or play more with healers. The damn computer keeps doing it to me! JUST DIE!!!

So would I recommend this game to others who already have AOE. The simple answer is Y-E-S! The campaigns are fun, but the additional civilization and tributes are freaking fantastic. Still haven't gotten all the way through the Japanese missions, but I have to get back to playing! I highly recommend this game.

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