The Beatles: Rock Band - Wii Cheats

Cheats and Unlockables.

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Cheats and Unlockables.

Unlock Bonus Photos

At The Beatle Rock Band Title screen where is just says "Press Start +" on the bottom of the screen with the
game logo on it, enter the code (push the buttons) and you will unlock bonus photos of the beatles as well as
concept art. The code must be entered fairly quickly and without stopping. The bonus photos and concept art
(all considered bonus photos) can be found under the "Photos" option of Story Mode.


Blue, Yellow, Red, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red


Unlock Bonus Photos and Concept Art

To get new instruments,you must complete the following accomplishments:

Unlockable How to Unlock

sliver icon complete 15 accomplishments
gold icon complete 30 accomplishments
Rainbow Icon Complete all accomplishments

Unlock the song "The End" in your Setlist.

Play through the game on career mode. After the credits scroll you will automatically be thrown into playing
The End. Once finished with the song it will be unlocked and available to play anytime in the Setlist.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Beatles song "The End" Beat the game on Career Mode.