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09 September 2009

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The Beatles: Rock Band is the music game experience that allows players to follow the legendary career of The Beatles from Liverpool, to Shea Stadium to Abbey Road. Featuring the ability to play drums, lead guitar, bass guitar or sing three part harmony with up to three microphones, The Beatles: Rock Band will focus on authentically recreating the feeling of performing The Beatles music on stage and in the studio. For the first time ever, play along with 45 legendary Beatles songs on the game-disc. Dreamscapes & Abbey Road: Highlighting the years in Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios where The Beatles revolutionised modern recording and created amazing masterpieces are inspired artistic visual expressions known as Dreamscapes.

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by MTV Games
Release Date: 11/06/2010

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In the world of Rock music games, this is one of the best games as it has great oral accord. This game is made up of superbly linked music with marvelous art designs. The game has plenty of the Beatles songs you can also see the bands harmony. You will see the band members playing the guitars at the same time singing and dancing, this gives startling fun to the player.

For the last two years there has been development in the rock band games. However, The Beatles has beaten the rest of the bands in the games. The Beatles games blows up the gamers with their exciting and almost real life action between their songs. The diversity of the Beatles Songs will keep the game lively. When follow the Beatles’ career in the exceptional story mode you will unlock a multitude of videos and photographs which give you a charming real human’s look. Those images coupled with the great designs help you to relate to the four members of the band. This makes you feel at home while playing because of the harmonized and brings your room to be fun-filled as your teammates and you enjoy the game.

In the Beatles Rock game you are treated to an extensive animated video that explains the artistic and musical careers of the Beatles. This prepares you for the game ahead of you. As you go through the story mode you will notice the emphasis put on the venues; the rough Cavern Club, there is the large rowdy Shea Stadium and also the quiet organized Abbey Studios. The movies and photos give you a better understanding of the Beatles. If the Rock Band members are new to you, these photos make familiarizing with them easy as you see them more casually.

Each of the songs is accompanied by a different video that reveals the theme of the song and where it is placed in the career of the Beatles. You will find the ‘Paperback writer’ reflected by the vibrant Paul McCartney’s vigorous singing to rowdy noisy fans. The elements of this gameplay are equivalent to those of Rock Band 2.The songs played on the Beatles Rock Band game are available in the Quick play mode. The only great difference is the completing story, the mode because you cannot modify the characters and they will always play as the Beatles.

You can be up to six players in this game. In the Practice mode you can have a guitarist, a drummer a bassist and up to three vocalists. These players make a good team with a great game. Beatles Rock game is. However; this game has disadvantages. One being that the game cannot play many of the Beatles songs. You will also find the game does not have end of jam sessions and drums involved, unlike in other Rock band games.

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