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16 November 2012

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As they say on the show "Have you got what it takes to beat The Cube"? The game pretty much follows the TV show presentation and like the show it offers a range of games which look deceptively simple but which can provide challenges which require varying degrees of skill and which get harder as the player progresses.

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As they say at the start of the show, do you really think you have what it takes to beat The Cube? The Cube Wii is a representation of the hit TV show and it puts your skills to the test to see if you would actually be able to succeed at the games similar in difficulty to those on the show. Approximately the same format is followed, there are seven challenges which a player needs to complete to beat the cube. These start off at a certain degree of difficulty and get harder as the player progresses. The prizes of course increase accordingly but failure results in the loss of prizes already earned, but there is a system which gives the player a limited number of lives so they can in fact attempt a game more than once or until their lives run out. Although not all of the actual games played on the show can be replicated for the Wii, they do share a deceptive simplicity which catches out many contestants. Some of the games from the show do transfer to the Wii, these are mostly games where time estimation of time is required or remembering where numbers or patterns of briefly appearing shapes appear and have to be memorized and recalled.

No matter how good the games or the presentation there is no possibility of replicating the pressure of performing in an enclosed space in front of a live audience which includes family and friends, who offer sometimes conflicting advice. Then there is the money involved which is considerable but not life changing, and often has contestants over reaching their abilities in an attempt to become moderately well off for a short time.

At the start of the challenge you are presented with a cutscene explaining the mechanics of the game which you are about to play and what you must do to complete it successfully. There are a total of 33 challenges and an extreme mode. The Cube Wii's extreme mode features 5 of the ordinary challenges which you may have found a little too easy which are presented again but at a much higher level of difficulty. Another useful feature of the game is that it lets you track multiple profiles so that you may see your own personal wins and losses and statistics of past attempts at a particular challenge. You can of course, as in the show, play solo against the cube's challenges but the game also has a head to head facility for competition between two or more players. The Wii Remote also adds to the dynamics of the games.

The graphics in the game are of average quality and the sound comes from the show itself. As well as the voice the game also has an approximation to the body of the host but neither of these things are of any great importance to the game itself.

The Cube Wii was released in November of 2012 and received moderately positive reviews. Fans of the TV show received this game quite well and those who never heard of The Cube were enlightened once the game was released. The Cube Wii was created by Funbox Media and distributed by Curveball Leisure.

When all said and done The Cube is no more than the sum of its parts and no matter how you dress it up it is a collection games of varying difficulty which is good fun but with limited replay value. To be fair it is a lot better than some of the party games around for the Wii.

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