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25 October 2013

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The Dark Eye: Demonicon is a thrilling action-RPG set in the extraordinarily popular universe of “The Dark Eye”, a richly crafted fantasy world beloved by fantasy gamers throughout the world, Demonicon tells the tragic story of a brother and sister who become pawns of sinister forces in a world of cruelty and depravity. In this bleak yet magical world, their affection is both a blessing and a curse. Both are constantly threatened by mortal danger and demonic temptation, and must find a way through their tortured lives by facing serious moral decisions. Their common destiny will determine that of the entire continent, and will be decided by the choices they make.

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The Dark Eye Demonicon is an epic, sweeping fantasy role playing game that follows the story of a brother and sister who become the tools of dark forces bent on twisting them, and the world, to their own purposes. Set in a unique world unlike anything that audiences have ever played in before, Demonicon is a no-holds-barred kind of story that will leave players hungry for more.

What is "The Dark Eye"?

The Dark Eye, the base game that Demonicon draws from, is actually a German tabletop role playing game. This game is remarkably popular in Germany as well as in Europe, and it has consistently outsold Dungeons and Dragons (thought by many to be the king of fantasy role playing games) in Germany. Demonicon draws from the current edition of The Dark Eye's rule and effects, bringing the game to a kind of life that fans of the tabletop version have never seen before. So whether fans have played the tabletop version of the game, or they're just looking for a new RPG to explore, this rich world has a little something for everyone.

Who Are You?

Players take on the role of a hero that wields the dark powers of the nether regions and who uses those powers to further his own quest. In the world of Aventuria, which is both beautiful and grim in traditional Medieval style, players will face countless opponents who they must vanquish in order to get closer to the truth of what has happened to them and what is happening in the country they find themselves in.

Take Your Own Approach

One of the best things about many modern role playing games, and certainly with tabletop role playing games, is that players can complete missions in a variety of different ways. They can run in, sword swinging and magic blazing until all that's left is a blackened char of bloody ruin where once there was countryside and enemies, for instance. However, that may not be the only option. Players might be able to bribe their way through to a solution, or to diplomatically persuade NPCs to follow a certain path over another. While the computerized version of the game might not provide all of the potential responses and routes that the tabletop game would (developers can never match every possible suggestion that players might come up with the way that a game master can), there are still a bigger variety of options available.

How Does It Play?

While the game is very pretty and the world is very unique, gameplay is about what players would expect from a fantasy RPG. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though, given that a new world and new ways of doing things can be enough unique content for most players. Keeping a simple to understand control system can be a good touch stone, allowing players to feel they're not starting from a completely blank canvas as a stranger in a strange land would be otherwise doing.

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