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13 December 2013


Many management games have been looking for ways to make the management experience more interesting and perhaps more exciting, and we're looking at one such game today, Lords Of Football allows players to directly manage their players.

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One of the many genres of games that seemingly always exists under the radar is the management sim. Some of the most famous examples of this genre are games like Football Manager and Out of the Park Baseball, but there is a new sub-genre that has slowly been emerging over the past few years.

The fact is that as much as some people like playing management simulator games, many people find them rather boring and would rather play gamers that allow them to live out the action instead of just manage it. Many management games have been looking for ways to make the management experience more interesting and perhaps more exciting, and we're looking at one such game today, Lords Of Football.

In addition to the traditional football management core of running the football team and trying to make it the best in its respective corner of the world, Lords of Football also allows players to directly manage their players. Anyone who pays attention to any sort of real life sports knows that sometimes the personal actions of the players can be what truly makes or breaks a fantastic team.

The actual player management ends up working quite a bit like The Sims. You micromanage each player in a way that optimizes their statistics, not unlike having to constantly tell a Sim what to do. However, the level at which you do this from ends up feeling a lot more like a god game in the vein of Black and White. You can either be a compassionate deity or an evil one, and your players will respond accordingly.

When it comes to playing the games themselves, this feeling of hovering over everything persists. The only thing you can do during a match is simply pick an overarching strategy and then direct specific players in real-time, though any real time interactions consume an energy bar of sorts whenever you use them.

As you might have realized at this point in the review, Lords of Football is trying to be a lot of different games all at once. Sadly, Lords of Football is a rather generic jack of all trades. Trying to even figure out where to start with the myriad of problems that the game has is rather difficult.

For starters, the Sims-esque player management segment of the game feels like it is several years behind, with only a few different needs, making it extremely easy to make everyone happy and keep them that way.

In addition, instead of spreading the actual matches throughout a full year, the game requires you to play a match every single day, as well as a practice session and the parties that your players will want to attend.

Nevertheless, for an independent title, Lords of Football is very impressive mixture of a huge number of different elements. Each element could certainly use improvement in a number of ways, and it's very hard to recommend this first game, or any of the DLC added in the Royal Edition. This is absolutely a series to watch though. In the near future, when sequels will hopefully begin to be released, the gameplay will improve over time. In a few years, one would hope that we see this perfected.

At the end of the day, Lords of Football is a mish-mash of imperfect gameplay elements made into a rather interesting if somewhat hard to stomach final product. There are a lot of interesting ideas at work here, and if you really like the ideas, you'll likely get some sort of enjoyment out of them, but others should stay away.

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Mar 20, 2014

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