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04 December 2009

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The Saboteur is an open-world action adventure, set in Nazi-controlled Paris during Germany's rise to power in World War II. Players take the role of an unlikely hero: An Irish mechanic with nothing left to lose. Sean Devlin has lost all he loved in life because of the heartless Nazi occupation, and he now devotes his keen engineering skills to revenge, by destroying as much of the German army's equipment and infrastructure as he can. Considering his skills with explosives and heavy machinery and with his two fists, as well, this is a significant amount of potential damage. The hero can run, climb, and make use of many different kinds of vehicles he finds.

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Set in the elegant town of Paris, you play the part of Sean Devlin a racer on a mission to avenge his friend’s death under the cruel hands of a Nazi official. As the intro rolls on, you will come to understand the role Sean has, and how he was before and after the incident. A drunkard and serial womanizer, Sean’s smart mouth lands him and his company in Nazi ridden Paris wherein he gets into trouble and witnesses how his friend was murdered right before his very eyes. He wastes no time extracting revenge on the Nazis, and at the same time inspiring the local Parisians to stand up for themselve. Ever since Sean’s life took a dramatic turn, the city of Paris became black and white, with bold color accents signifying the Nazi rule.

Sean can destroy both German and local properties and people. Like Grand Theft Auto, he can punch and kick and beat out innocent bystanders or grab out drivers from their cars and speed away with the stolen vehicle. This inevitably distracts the player from the game’s mission, but nevertheless, it is immensely fun. These acts, along with missions, unlock nice rewards and Perks. These perks are special skills that can be levelled up for a certain number of times; build them up from level 1 to level 3 and you will have an easier time on the mission proper. And as with the mission, stealth is the key to the game. Sean can blend in with the Nazi crowd using disguises and can use limited violent behavior to fend off unwanted attention.

Regarding graphics, the game is so so. It is the great use of colors that draws attention to the game, the red emblem of the Nazis and their blood draws a stark contrast to the general black and white game. It effectively sets the mood of the game along with the nice background music that has tunes ripped out straight from the 1940s. The game has minor glitches and hiccups, but these unintentional events lift the game’s tone whenever they occur so they are really not a problem. Overall, The Saboteur has a lot to offer its players, all it takes is some polishing to take it into the heights it is meant to fly to.

The dark clouds and miserly background provide a striking contrast on the Nazi flags and armbands, which will ultimately transfer to you the depressed feeling the city is filled with. However, as Sean frees a part of the city, rich, vivid colors are restored in that certain part. Cut-scenes are richly detailed as well, and share the same striking graphic features that the rest of the game has. The game can get overly dramatic though, thereby reducing the believability factor. The characters act in predictably stereotypical ways, which makes it difficult to confuse them with real human beings.

The main mode of transpiration is driving automobiles pulled up from the time since cars were invented. Getting to the top of a destination requires you to rapidly mash on the climb button, and it takes a long time to reach your destination. Thankfully, this is an optional mode, as you can skip away this sluggish mode.

As you go through the game, you meet up with a variety of contacts from various resistance organizations who will give you different objectives for you to have your revenge, and drive out the Nazi force. These can be achieved with explosive action as wave after wave of angry Nazis try to kill you. However, Sean heals quickly, and as so can survive round after round of bullets. This doesn't mean that the game is relatively easy, as the difficulty level steps up a notch as you delve deeper into the game.

The action in The Saboteur is well executed and rewarding. You get to drive classy race cars as well! The Saboteur may not be the most unique and original game for its features, but it definitely stands out from other World War II inspired games. All in all I would say this game is pretty damn good!

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