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02 November 2007

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Play as your favorite characters from The Simpsons. Battle your way through Springfield with the troublesome but loveable family. Loads of different characters that all come with their own special quirks and abilities.

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Nintendo DS


If you happen to see someone holding their DS and they sheepishly shy during the game, chances are they are playing The Simpsons Game for the DS. Patterned after the TV show, you can expect that this game has the same wicked, crude, and cruel humor about anything under the sun. The whole game is quite short lived though, lasting for only 5 hours at most, but is a short life well lived.

Bart has discovered an instruction manual which gives all of the Simpson’s magic powers. They first use it for heroic means: Dad – and – son tandem stopped a robbery while Marge and Lisa banned Grand Theft Scratchy. The residents of Springfield have turned evil, and it is up to the Simpsons to save the day; and to do that, they must go to various spots in Springfield and complete the mini games and defeat the boss in that sector. Everything is not easy, but wildly bizarre that you will have a blast destroying the chocolate bunnies.

The powers of the Simpson’s are as follows: when Homer eats, he can transform into a giant “fatso” man that can squish the enemies to pancake proportions and shatter thick walls. Bart’s slingshot can target distant enemies, and he himself can transform to Bartman who can fly and swing across hooks with his utility rope. Lisa developed telekinetic and electric abilities while Marge, the sanest in the family, can convince people to form a mob. The levels usually require at least 2 characters which you can use interchangeably.

The whole game is a parody of classic games in the industry. In the sweatshop level, you fight fireball throwing people who are dressed up as Ryu (from Street Fighter 2) while dwarves who have an uncanny resemblance to Mario, Luigi, and Sonic do hard labor. The Simpsons Game has shamelessly borrowed and copied from various games (DOH), but fun enough to get away with it. And oh, by the way, there is a virtual Homer pet you can play and feed with if you don’t feel like running a mission.

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