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29 October 2010

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The Sims 3 on the DS lets you create sims with their own unique personalities, desires and life goals - as well as new mini challenges such as getting your first kiss or best friend for life. It's up to you whether they fulfil their dreams or not as you unlock new karma powers to either curse or bless them as you see fit. The powerful customisation tools let you design both the sims themselves and the homes they live in, as you fill the open world city with your own creations.

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Certainly not the easiest game in the handheld format, making it the best I have played on Nintendo DS to date. The underlying Sims idea is still the same as its PC counterparts,the Sims attempt to fulfill their needs and by doing so achieve Sim happiness. The point-and-click system using the stylus makes filling the game’s day planner easier, but in planning for the Sim’s house the Build and Buy play mode doesn’t have much inventory like the other versions, but this is not a major problem.

Players can use the efficiency of the game’s touch screen for painting walls, drawing, and dragging and dropping items with ease. You can also make up your own story should you so wish. When you pick your Sims’ character and Lifetime wish, you set out a plan to follow to achieve this wish. Your character can also go on explorations to the town, be in, and fall out of, love, visit their neighbors; whatever you wish. The new feature for this version is its Karma. It is earned by completing particular set goals in the game, which earn as a reward Karma points that can then be used in different ways such as spending on items for added luck or throwing a fire spell at a neighbor. There are other means of collecting Karma points which require searching out, and others that need to be unlocked.

Looking for Karma adds a twist to the overall enjoyment of the game. Another added feature is the ability to personalize your Sims’ facial character by using the stylus. You can widen the forehead; change the nose, sharpen the chin and a lot more, producing some quite grotesque looking features. It is a great addition although in the DS version there is more pixilation so rendering the facial customization a little less effective. This really is a shame as this feature is great fun by itself. Generally speaking the music and sound effects are catchy and the ever present mumbling and chattering crowd noises are still there, which is good as they would certainly be missed.

The gameplay is great and the addition of Karma points gives scope for added imagination. While it isn’t that graphically-rich, the inclusion Build and Buy mode is a welcome feature, but the most enjoyable new feature and of great amusement value in itself,is the Create-a-Sim facial function.

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Dec 30, 2013

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