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28 June 2013

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In The Sims 3: Island Paradise, new adventures await your Sims on the sunny shores and beneath the glistening water of an island paradise. From exploring the tropical isles to creating a five-star resort experience, your Sims can decide to embark on an unforgettable journey or make themselves a new home in this new utopia. Nautical Sims can even take the helm of fully customisable houseboats and set sail between islands! If your Sims would rather be in the water than on it, they can snorkel and scuba dive their way through the ocean.

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Just when you thought you’d had enough of taking care of pets and family members, virtual developer Maxis came along and introduced life like characters and situations to the virtual world via animated video game The Sims. For those who have never come across the series, The Sims is an interactive game where players build characters with unique personalities, clothes and so on, and introduce them into a wide assortment of real life scenarios. As a whole, The Sims has sold over 150 million copies internationally, making it the bestselling PC game franchise in the world. The Sims 3 Island Paradise for PC is proof that Maxis has not run out of innovative ideas.

What’s New to See in Island Paradise?

For starters, the landscape has changed. Players can now take their made up characters on crazy water adventures. These characters can go to sea in speedboats, paddle boats, even houseboats. Both the transportation and the sea ports are fully customizable to suit the player’s liking.

The Island resorts are custom built, players have the freedom to build their very own island resort hotels equipped with fancy restaurants and swimming pools. The characters can own and run these exotic hotels in the spirit of interactive entrepreneurship.

The activities are new. These island Sims really love the water. They can frolic in the ocean and go on snorkelling adventures. They get the chance to meet up with underwater creatures like mermaids. They might take a dive and discover buried treasures in sunken ships on the ocean floor. At the end of an adventurous day they take the opportunity of relaxing back at the hotel next to the pool with a cool island beverage.

The rewards are new. Sims can adapt new physical water based traits to help them glide through this island world with ease. They might develop strong stomachs and lungs equipped to handle the ocean waves. Some of these traits will lead them on new career paths such as sailors and lifeguards. A truly seaworthy Sim even has the option of becoming a mermaid. Mermaid Sims are free to explore this beautiful water wonderland without snorkels or swim lessons.

The clothing is new. Sims hit the islands in stylish sea lover’s attire. Virtual beach clothing, scuba gear and hairstyles are all on offer. Characters can don beach-inspired dread locks and large brimmed straw hats. Three-dimensional scuba gear and equipment includes life vests and lifeguard uniforms.

Is it Worth a Play?

Absolutely if you are a Sims fan. The new features make Island Paradise an exceptional addition to The Sims series. Building yachts and speedboats is not only entertaining, it’s also a new and exciting experience. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take a stab at owning a five star hotel, diving for buried treasure, and becoming a virtual mermaid? Maxis launched its island expansion pack just in time for summer, but the game itself is worth a play all year long. The best thing about this game is that although it is reality based, it adds a not too subtle touch of fantasy to the screen. The only drawback is the limited diving space, which the Sims make up for with the long list of other available activities. For Sims lovers this is a must have to add to your list, but as standalone probably not a good idea.

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