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20 November 2009

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The Sims 3 World Adventures allows players to guide their Sims to acclaimed fortune or even potential doom. Along your travels you will take your Sims to exotic destinations to hunt for hidden treasures. Uncover new skills, experience new personality traits and garner rewards, if your Sims succeed. Explore ancient tombs in the pyramids of Egypt, master martial arts in the Far East, and discover rich culture and famous landmarks of France. Adventure is on the horizon. What will your Sims discover?

Requires The Sims 3 to play.

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The Sims has been very appealing to both the young and the old because of its ability to relay to its audience a replica of what goes on in our everyday life. Its popularity even continues to go up as the years go by, which is an incredible feat for a game; since most games likely become stagnant in ratings or fall back as years pass. What keeps this game or franchise to be on top is its ability to relate to what pleases the market. You can have a pet, a house; you can even practice working or go to college, and even go on a date. The possibilities of what you can do in this game are somewhat limitless and that's what makes players hooked on this game, which eventually led to its success.

If in the previous Sims games you are limited to just a single place, Sims 3 allows you to take your whole family to different areas such as China, Egypt, and France. Aside from the fact that you can explore these new places and interact with its locals, missions are now added in this game wherein you have to solve puzzles and the likes to complete the mission. Since this is just an addition, the things you enjoyed in the previous games are still present - with some improvements, of course. You can do more things at and to your home now, making it a lot more exciting to play.

The main attraction in this expansion pack is its ability to travel to different places or more likely just cities. The length of stay is predetermined by your Sims visa level, which actually increases with more wins you make on the missions that are available. Some missions require you to work for a certain local where you either collect valuable metals, interact with other locals and pull them to your side, or explore the depths of the tombs. Whatever your mission might be, it's pretty certain you won't get bored doing it.

What's so great about a trip, if you couldn't take home your discoveries with you anyway? Well, Sims 3 has now made it possible to do so and even added a little extra. You can now build a basement where you may either store your beloved findings or you use the basement as your own little tomb complete with puzzles and mazes.

The expansion in Sims 3 is really awe inspiring and should set a trend to the future Sims games. The expansions in this game break away from the norm and the usual type of Sims game you've had before. If you learn a skill, it won't be lost when you go home; or when you discover something you can bring it home. The presentation is absolutely excellent. The designers should be given credit for their work. The costumes, the layout of the place, as well as the music, all seem to work together making it a must-have game even for those who already have the previous Sims game.

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