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29 October 2010

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In The Sims 3 on the Xbox 360, players will be able to create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their desires, and guide their lives in a living town. Unleash Karma Powers to help your Sims "get lucky," bless them with a "giant jackpot" of money, or curse others with an "epic fail". Complete Challenges to unlock more objects, powers, and town building upgrades. Design and build your Sims’ dream home. Share your houses, Sims, and more with others and download from other creators for your own game.

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There is the opportunity for customization in the game and you can incorporate the online items with the community creations, say there is a shirt and you like it but don’t like the color then you can change it to look as you wish. Online is persistent in Sim 3 in general. When you bring your new Sim into the world you can build a house and live in it, this is just like creating characters and purchasing items from the store if you do not like what the game offers by default.

After you have created your Sims, you will then give them their traits and you will have the option to choose a lifetime wish for them. This is your aim, to achieve the titles like the Leader of the Free World, in their lifetime. At some point you will be given smaller goals to meet and these will help to push you in the right direction to make your sim better off. What matters here is whether you will manage to fulfill your Sims before they are old and die.

The lives of the characters are carried just like it is viewed on the PC version. The main goal is the Sims lifetime, you will be challenged to tasks like getting a kiss, and this will earn you points. When you have acquired enough points you may spend them to in a challenge store as well as purchase new clothes and other items for your town. You can also purchase Karmic abilities to shed on your Sims because the Sims are almost being attacked by Karma. You gain Karma every night and even when you complete opportunities. With the points from Karma, you can decide on how to pay your Sims.

Karma here exist o that the player does not only have a way to toy with their Sims but also to encourage actions that only happen by chance. A player who wants to see their Sims in shock should make them cook and wish bad things happen to them. The power of the Karma will bring down their anger. A player should be cautious of the Sims because they can disappear within a night if you have been treating them badly this is worrying.

Overall if you have played the PC version then dont bother with this as it is virtually the same, this game is pretty bloody good, any Sims fans will enjoy this.

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