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11 December 2013

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Tiny Brains has the power to give gamers a way to build up their relationships with friends on the couch, with controllers in hand, or destroy them completely. You can play with up to three of your friends on a single console and jump headfirst into a puzzle filled campaign full of action, adventure and puzzles.

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  • Developer(s):
    • Spearhead Games
  • Publisher(s):
    • 505 Games
  • Distributor(s):
    • PlayStation Store
  • Release Date(s):
    • 11 December, 2013
  • PEGI Rating:
    • 7+
  • Official Site(s):
  • Player(s):
    • 1-4
  • Online Player(s):
    • 2-4
  • Online Play:
    • Optional

Technical Information

  • Required Disk Space:
    • 1.5GB Minimum
  • Supported Video Output:
    • 1080p
  • Game Format:
    • Digital Download
  • DualShock Compatible:
    • DualShock 4
  • Average Playing Time:
    • 5.5 Hours
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Tiny Brains was developed by the team at Spearhead Games and released via the PC, PS3, and PS4 (reviewed) by 505 Games. As a puzzle/action game that focuses completely on the co-op perspective, we were intrigued to say the very least. Multiplayer puzzle games have never been that interesting or all that popular to us so we were excited to see what this one had in store. After pre-release most critics had only positive things to say so we jumped right in in order to see where we would stand. What we found was a title that offered new ideas in an old way and succeeded in several directions while simultaneously failing in one important decision. Keep on reading to see where you’ll land on Tiny Brains.

Tiny Brains has the power to give gamers a way to build up their relationships with friends on the couch, with controllers in hand, or destroy them completely. You can play with up to three of your friends on a single console and jump headfirst into a puzzle filled campaign full of action, adventure and of course puzzles. This is the bulk of what gamers will be doing when they add Tiny Brains to their PS4 library but it isn’t the only aspect to the title that needs to be mentioned.

This little indie puzzler also gives gamers the chance to play a second game, completely different from the first one, called Tiny Soccer. The name of the mode is pulled straight from the action of the field. Your four players get split into two teams and then you push and pull, jump and score all while trash talking your friends. And at its core, that is what Tiny Brains is all about - the communal aspect. This is a game where multiplayer isn’t just preferred, it is the only way to completely pull anything worthwhile out of the title., and we say that glowingly.

You will play as an array of creatures, four lab rats with super powers, known as the Tiny Brains. These rats were created by mad scientists and imbued with their mindset and desire to use science to their advantage. The mad scientists wanted to become famous and if their creatures are emblematic at all of their abilities, they will get there. The title begins, at least in the campaign mode, with the Tiny Brains being put to the test by their mad owners. But as the players push through the game the mad scientists soon begin to see their work and master plan begin to unravel.

You can switch or swap out between any of the four mice. Each mouse has their own special powers that can consist of pushing, swapping blocks, creating platforms, or pulling. You can already see how co-op becomes important in this game as you are forced to go through maze after maze full of puzzles that need you to perform specific actions in order to unlock progress. Each section of the game that you go through will involve you using your powers in order to progress and you can have as many different mice on the field with you at the same time as you want, depending how you choose to attack the puzzle at hand. No matter which mice you choose, however, the on screen action will be frantic and fun. You see, Tiny Brains wasn’t developed to be a mind flexing game. Instead it was developed to force friends to work together in small logical sequences, creating a frantic and fun experience for all parties involved.

Most stages have clues littered around them to help you solve the puzzles that are inside. Finding out how to progress isn’t particularly difficult. In actuality, the biggest issue you will have is enacting a solution with three of your buddies trying to do their own thing in a crazy multiplayer mode. You’ll be shouting and laughing across your microphone when you aren’t playing locally, or else trying to get your friends to stay on task alongside you. Sometimes the beauty in this game isn’t in how you solve a problem but how crazily you can eventually get to the finish line.

There is some action littered around the platformer stylized levels. You’ll come across little enemies, such as chicken, that require you to jump upon their heads. You can also use your powers to push enemies into different hazards around the stage. The fighting in the game is bland and it tends to slow down the tempo that the puzzle solving action so ramps up. And that’s where all of the fun can be had in this game. We did find a problem with playing online, however, in the fact that there were very few people playing on the PlayStation Network. Finding matches to join into took a while and the only saving grace was that you could play while waiting for people to drop in alongside you.

Graphically the title is nothing to get too excited about. The background environments are well done and the character models themselves are unique and excellently animated, but on the whole this still feels like a last generation experience. There just isn’t enough detail on screen to make us think that this was developed for anything but the PC and then ported out as good as possible to the other big consoles. The writing in the game keeps things interesting with great dialogue, fantastic music, and cleverly delivered lines. The villains are fun and endearing and the cartoonish and over the top acting makes it all so irreverent that we couldn’t help but enjoy ourselves.

Playing through the campaign and switching to Tiny Soccer was a ton of fun. There is a ton of content here even after you beat those game modes. You can collect hidden cheeses, unlock challenge stages, and keep working toward other unlocked secrets. The only issue we had with common occurrence was the fact that there were game breaking glitches stashed across the experience. Otherwise Tiny Brains was enjoyable and the perfect complement to your solo adventures.

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Jun 14, 2015

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