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03 September 2010

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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 on the Xbox 360 places you in the shoes of an elite pilot with access to the most advanced and most deadly aircraft ever built. The action packed missions take you around the world, in a race against the clock to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the safety of the world. Dogfights are visceral, up close and personal, with engagements that bring enemies closer to you than you've ever seen before. But dogfights aren't everything: H.A.W.X. 2 brings you all the iconic experiences that make up the life of a pilot: take off and landing, aircraft carriers and air bases bustling with life, mid-air refueling, night vision air raids, precision bombing.

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Right well this is my first review so I'll apologise for the rubbish layout! (oh and BTW there is an overview of all this in the last paragraph so if you just want a basic idea scroll down to the last paragraph)

Anyway I have played H.A.W.X.2 and H.A.W.X.1 and off the bat there are many things that have been improved and other things that could do with improving, I'll get on to those and other negatives later.

One thing that many people did not like about the first was the "Enhanced Reality System" which has been improved and now does not interfere with normal flight but can be used when need in situations like landing, also at many times you will be required to use drones this is a very interesting feature and i found it enjoyable though it was less so when using a drone in a plane.

In addition to more realistic flight controls is the ability to land and take-off on select missions and even being able to taxi to runway on an even more select few, over all the controls for take-off/landing and taxiing to runway are simple and easy to use though in 3rd person view it can be a little difficult to land on a carrier or inflight refuel you plane.

Another difference between this and the previous instalment is the addition of an online multi-player, however I cannot go into full detail about this feature as for one I don't play online games often.

The graphics are very good and there has been no negative change from the first to the second installation, though the controls much like the first game need work the missile select system is still too slow when in a dogfight and you cannot change view without pausing the game.

The story I find to be rather bland, overused and predictable it's all been done before the only real difference is H.A.W.X tries to put several of them together and all this does is ruin the overall realism, it reminds me either a crazed dream or a fan fiction once one bad thing has ended amazingly there is another bad thing to take its place and this is followed by a twist. I also cannot get myself to feel for the characters when I compare it to the stories from the ace combat series I find no real comparison, the ace combat series had detailed stories and characters the seemed real, whereas H.A.W.X.2 may as well have robots.

The music in this game is a big disappointment I don't know if they were going for the stereotypical background music but throughout the entire game the music is boring, lifeless and dull and at parts it works but if the majority of the game has the same boring drone chances are you'll do what I did and turn it off and talking of turning things off the voices are extremely annoying being told for 50th time that there is a missile trying to kill you especially when a little PIP comes up along with all the usual warning sounds.

The wingmen are useless, if there is one thing I stopped doing after the 5 level was trusting my wingmen to cover me while I did what they asked even when they said they would, and for some reason most enemy planes seem to be out fitted with a large number of flares. This can get annoying that is if you can get a lock between dodging missiles that have been fired from a plane that has miraculously appeared behind you when ten seconds before the radar showed that the bloke your trying to kill was the last one! (I can accept it happening once or twice but the amount of times it has happened it cannot be stealth planes or me missing one)

Overall this game has average controls, very good graphics, extremely good physics, the ability to see where the oncoming missile is very good, but the music is beyond poor, you can never trust your wingmen to do anything, enemy planes come out of nowhere and have a huge number of flares which can get very annoying, voice acting wise there is more emotion in a can of beans and no sense of urgency. So yeah overall the game is good but I doubt many people will remember it when the new ace combat game comes out.

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Nov 16, 2013

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