Toukiden: The Age of Demons - PS Vita

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14 February 2014


Combat is at the core of Toukiden: The Age of Demons on the PS Vita, but the Oni will laugh (or more likely bellow) in your face if you simply steam in with your sword or spear flailing. The key is to ensure that your character is equipped with the weaponry needed to defeat his foes. Every demon you destroy during your quest can be "purified" or harvested for booty including materials and "mitama" - the life force of fallen Slayers. Materials are used to forge new weapons or enhance armour, while mitama is used to impart stupendous magical modifiers to your attacks. These added strategic elements deepen the gameplay considerably, and make planning your next onslaught almost as much fun as carrying it out... almost.

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by NIS America
Release Date: 21/02/2014

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