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16 July 2010

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The kids can compare their skill in storytelling and they can also use them to entertain their friends.

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There are quite a lot of games online like Ben 10 where kids can actually design their own games. But that is a simple program. Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 3 takes that simple concept to newer levels by actually making the players create their own Toy Story stories. This is a creative type of game play which keeps the players in line to the fact that in order to have fun playing; they must first begin playing with toys.

The original Toy Story first came out in 1995; it set a standard to animation. Not only was the story line unique, from the point of view of the toys, but the graphics was spectacular. Well, what else anyone can expect from Pixar, a baby of George Lucas and his design and developing team who have innovated computer graphics to such a realistic level. Yes, it still looks animated, they are toys after all, but the rest is surreal.

The movie not only raked in millions in box office sales, but the DVD sales also skyrocketed. Not to mention that it soon became a fast favourite for party themes no matter the age of the celebrant. Tell me truly, who has never gone to a Toy Story theme party at one point in their lives? And it is not just children’s parties, mind you; this is a theme that is very popular for adult birthdays and baby showers! Doubt me? Check it out. So it is no wonder that Disney executives thought of bringing back the joy of the toys, in more movies and through Nintendo.

When the movie was first being introduced to the public through the trailers, no one thought that the ‘old’ theme of Toy Story would make it to the box office. Well, proving the critics wrong was a sweet revenge for the Disney execs that showed them that they are still the best when it comes to children, fun and games.

Introducing Toy Story 3: The Video game was met with scepticism, but also with anticipation. A game that targets the kids around the world, this movie inspired game can tap the creative juices of a kids mind while giving them the chance to enjoy the graphics and the game play.

There are three modes to enjoy: the story mode where the original plot of the movie and the slapstick adventures can be enjoyed, then there is the Toy Box mode brings out the cowboys, the Indians, space rangers and even the green Martians aliens which the child can bring into their own story. This actually antes up the level of role playing or playing house by the kids. Who has never seen a kid pick up his toys and create their own stories when alone in his or her room, voicing out the many personalities of the characters and toys.

What I really liked with Toy Story three was Toy Box mode where you are the mayor of the town. It starts out pretty basic that you need to clean up the town, Mayor ham will start by teaching you how to customize just about everything in the town. Then various missions will pop up with various problems, some simple and some quite intricate. What I really like about this mode is the little quest really aren't that long so you can pick the game up play for 15 min. and then get right back into it again.

It was first released June 15, 2010 on Wii, PlayStation 3 apparatus for both the iPhone and iPod touch. This will make it easier to access. The Nintendo DS version is just as exciting and just as challenging to the imagination of the child. The kids can compare their skill in storytelling and they can also use them to entertain their friends. I was really shocked because this game packs a lot of fun and I just figured it would be the storyline of the movie, which it is clearly not. I would certainly recommend this game.

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