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16 July 2010

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Toy Story 3 for Nintendo Wii is a family-friendly game produced by Disney Interactive Studios which allows players of all ages to unlock their creativity and explore Pixar's world from a toy's perspective. The 'Toy Story' game offers a couple of playing mode options, including an interactive Adventure Mode that allows players to move through the movie's plot and a Toy Box mode for creating brand new characters and stories. Kids love interacting with the animated movie characters they adore while adults have a blast reliving the memories they have of their childhood toys.

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Release Date: 03/12/2010

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Toy Story 3 for the Wii makes good use of the game's license in re-creating an authentic Toy Story 3 gameplay experience. Toy Story 3 is able to create it's own gameplay story while still maintaining relevant story information. Other options integrated into the game along with various game modes make Toy Story 3 a game that sticks true to the series.

In Toy Story 3 players enter the Toy Box story mode in which people are able to choose from either Woody, Buzz Lightyear or even the cowgirl Jessie. The basic synopsis of the game's story is that the main characters of the game interact with their environment in the way the toy or the player would naturally.

This means that the person may spend time updating their town, building extension buildings, paint their town buildings different colors, add a variety of building textures and even add toy landscape features like trees, grass, boulders and more. Players may also enlarge or shrink buildings as they see fit when constructing their town so that they may create their own perfect toy town setting.

While the player is going about their own story, they'll also be challenged with game missions from time to time. When finishing the mission, the person is awarded with different prizes which might be new options for customizing game elements or even gold. There will be times when new story lines within the game branch up and it's up to the player to decide which path they would like to play next. Some moments in the game may have the player racing a toy car around a race course or other times the person might be in the middle of a mission quest that can involve different locations or characters.

Besides updating the town and surrounding areas, people can also purchase new toys from the Toy Catalog. There can be many different types of new toy characters or items that can be bought and integrated into the players "story". There are many other hidden options in the game that will leave the player entertained. Some of the hidden options tie into the main Toy Story 3 scenario such as Sid's Haunted House.

In the game, people can add what are called Deluxe Playsets into the Toy Box story mode. The Deluxe Playsets are collections of toys, buildings and items that go together to create a theme in the story. The Sid's Haunted House is a toy haunted house created by the Sid character from the movie. The Sid's Haunted House integrates new characters, toys and customization settings the player may change.

A fun feature of the game involves giving the player's a hands-on approach when being subjected to a tutorial rather than simply being told what to do or how to perform something. Lastly, Toy Story 3 for Wii gives players a reason to keep coming back to play the game. The free roaming ability with the option to create the player's own story and also encounter a unique Toy Story 3 scenario help to make a truly authentic experience.

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