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13 March 2009

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The problem is it’s hard to rave over what is basically a copy of a board game.

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ItÂ’s hard to deny that knowing a lot of trivia brings you inherent joy and satisfaction and Electronic ArtsÂ’ attempt to bring the hugely popular board game to the comfort of the home console system. Trivial Pursuit for the Wii has captured the core of the game, filled to the brim with unexpected questions that will shock commoners and scholars alike. However, the game has not been fully integrated with the interactive Wii. Online multiplayer is not available, and there is no balance in the categories of the questions as there is an overabundance of geography questions.

For the most part, there are 3 gaming modes available: Classic Mode, Clear the Board, and Facts and Friends. Classic mode functions like the original game, you get a pie wedge for each category finished. The ending have been tweaked though, the active player chooses the final question category instead of the opponents doing so.

Clear the Board is a new mode wherein you play as a single player, and your quest is to earn the most points while collecting pie pieces. You land on each space only once, so each correct answer gives a high percentage of success. The final mode, Facts and Friends, has only one wedge per category. You bet if your opponent can answer the question correctly before the question is asked. A steal is allowed if you know the answer but the opponent doesnÂ’t. Bonus spaces also let you steal pie pieces from other players or earn more points for each correct answer.

There are 6 categories of trivia to be answered, but as mentioned above, there is an overflow in geographic knowledge. Each category has questions that require you to point to a map for the correct answer.

The lack of online multiplayer is just the beginning of the downfalls of this game; there is no sense of dominance if you canÂ’t compete and defeat opponents outside your living room. Both the visuals and audio are also lacking, especially in the dialogue department. The announcer repeats himself far too often. The geography questions are a bit tiring as no one would appreciate pointing to a map when you are answering a question related to science. This game is kind of annoying at times and could have been greatly improved, itÂ’s a knowledge based game, itÂ’s a shame that common sense was not applied to the setup and overall game except for the questions.

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May 7, 2014

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