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14 March 2008

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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty tells the story of the subsequent world dominance by the Axis Powers. Neville Chamberlain's Great Britain surrenders to Germany in 1940, followed by Hitler's Middle East incursion and the fall of Russia one year later, and, thanks to oil from its German ally, Japan is able to skirt the U.S. embargo and assert its dominance over Asia. A limited resistance movement forms in the United States in 1943, but an uneasy peace persists for a decade as no military action is taken. Then, beginning with a stunning assault on New York City, the German army takes over the United States thanks to state-of-the-art weapons developed by a Nazi war machine that never stopped churning. Players take on the role of Dan Carson, a blue-collar New York construction worker-turned resistance fighter, as he traverses girders and battles paratroopers in an attempt to escape the German assault.

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Release Date: 08/02/2008

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The good thing about Turning Point Fall of Liberty is the great musical score. The powerful set pieces as well as the melees based on clever environments are an added plus to the game. But these three are not enough to combat the mediocrity of the gameplay. There are too many bugs which break up the gameplay consistently. Some of the major happenings in the game cannot be kept up with by the lousy frame rate. Add in the boring graphics and an unoriginal plot and you get a feeling that somewhere along the way, you got duped into playing.

This is a game that starts out with a fantastic idea but the developers failed to translate it into an interesting game which keeps the gamers keep coming for more. In this alternate reality game, Hitler's armies overwhelm the world and are just about to stage an attack on the United States. This is the turning point of the game, where the game just flops into oblivion. The idea behind the alternate history should have been a great platform for a great shooter game but it does not.

The game starts out with the character, Carson, working in a construction site. And that is all that you learn about your character. After this, you soon find out about the invading Nazis have taken control over the US presidency and there is the presence of a smattering of resistance fighters. That's it.

There are a few good set pieces which can excite the gamer, but as they are far apart and rare, the excitement soon wanes. At first it starts out really well with a lot of fighting and first shooter experiences, but then you get to keep on running, and running, and running some more. Soon, you forget that this is a shooter game and feels more like race game; you even forget that you are supposed to be a freedom fighter.

There is also some combat where you can switch between weapons and shoot, but then there is more running. It really worsens up when the targeting system of the game simply fails or becomes unreliable. So even if you think you can shoot, you end up shooting wild.

There are more technical problems along the way which are too numerous to mention. On top of this, the enemies look like twinks, sorry, but they do. They look like running cartoon characters running chaotic.

The game is just plain uninspiring and leaves one feeling burdened with having had the bad luck to play it. If you read this and would like to avoid buying or even playing the game, you are in a good place, so stay there. This is just a great example of what should have been and didn't.

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Dec 21, 2013

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