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Two Worlds begins in an age torn by war. The Orcs have advanced to the south bank of the river Gon and are threatening the Kingdom of Cathalon. While this is happening, the hero, a wandering bounty hunter, is searching for some clue as to the whereabouts of his sister, whom he hasn't seen in three years. He unexpectedly receives vital information from a mysterious stranger - and immediately joins a Dark Brotherhood (or so it seems). Now the time has come for him to try understanding the game's powerful forces - and to learn how to use them! This is the only way the hero can survive - and get the answers to the questions that are burning in his soul – Who is behind this secretive kidnapping? Will he ever see his sister again? Where is the Tomb of Aziraal - and what role does the mysterious, yet helpful stranger have to play?

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Two Worlds has always been compared with the already established role playing game Oblivion, which was released last year. Though the comparison made may be a little unfair, this game is still soaring with good character development and a free-flowing action any RPG enthusiast is sure to enjoy.

Two Worlds has to address the issue of its Xbox 360 design, which is somewhat similar to the PC design. This might sound a bit odd for most but also a well-accepted revelation in many ways as PC RPGs offer more depth compared to their console counterparts; especially on factors like the storyline, creation of characters and the game world itself.

What role do you play in this game then? A mercenary who is confused whether to save the world from inhabiting orcs or save your missing sister, you find yourself in the land of Antaloor where war between man and orcs is currently raging; this is practically where the whole game starts. Three hundred years have passed and the tomb where Aziraal rests has been found resulting in an aggravated misunderstanding between men and the orcs. While waging war, you are given quests like helping people or killing monsters can provide you both with fun and profit throughout the game.

After customizing your male character (sorry about that, ladies), you are ready to start slaughtering orcs, enabling you to have skill rewards for you to advance to the next level. Fighter character requires strength and vitality boosts, as well as extensive increase in powerful skills to inflict damage. A mage needs an increase in willpower and magical skills – to do necromancy and manipulate the four elements; while a jack-of-all-trades can also get hold of all these attributes.

There is no limit to the usage of weapons and spells and any character you choose can use alchemy. Crystals that boost up health and buff your stat can also be obtained in the game and can be used regardless of which character you pick. Combats are pretty straightforward. They may look easy but once your level increases, you’ll find the difficulty level changing. To survive in hard struggles, you have to do a lot of running and dodging from your enemies’ assaults. A multiplayer option makes Two Worlds stand out from any other RPG. You have to agree it’s something worth trying, right? However, you must also be aware that although this game is perfect for RPG fanatics, the game is not without problems.

To tick things off, the interface is adjusted to mostly close up shots on the screen. The gameworld is a bit vast and there are numbers of places to go to – which can be confusing at times and reading the mini map on the main adventure screen can be eye straining, and so are the number of icons that become unrecognizable if you attempt to adjust it to full size. The text used in the game is so small that you have to really put your face closer to the screen to read it. On top of all these flaws, the Xbox version is so patterned with a PC version that it misses on the essential item of using a gamepad and a google-box. In general though, the visuals and audio are not that good, but comprehensible enough to pass up for tolerance.

Two Worlds is a great game, despite the technical flaws on its Xbox version. RPG enthusiasts are at least assured of entertainment and fun when playing the game.

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