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09 October 2010

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Sony PSP Xbox 360 PS3

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In UFC Undisputed: 2010 for the PSP, playes will step into the virtual handheld Octagon to experience the most advanced and commanding virtual MMA action with more than 100 of the best UFC fighters in the world. Experience intelligent and intuitive combat, fighter customization, robust career progression, challenging gameplay modes and explosive ad-hoc wireless play. UFC Undisputed 2010 embodies the ultimate essence and supremacy of a UFC fighter. Ready to be one?.

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All the fighters in UFC can now be played in PSP. You are given the luxury to choose from more than 100 fighters, stadiums where to fight, and many more modes. As you go through the game you will need to choose a character that best suits your specialties. Say you want a mixed martial artist because you are inclined with the same combat skills. The game will be jam packed with very difficult to perform combination's however, since you have a bit of knowledge of the said art, you will find that performing a special move will be very easy.

UFC Undisputed 2010 also features visuals that are very commendable. Its distinct graphics is what defines UFC Undisputed from other platforms. In addition, each of the characters or fighters move seemingly real – its hard to tell if its just animation or something since the visuals and bodies are quite detailed. Everything you see while your fighters brawl it out on the ring will be so real – from wounds and bruises, blood that is dripping, and down to the every muscle of the fighters body.

Exhibition mode of this game lets you choose your fighter and challenge somebody while ad-hoc mode will let you square it off with a local player or your friend. Also, the title mode of the game enables you to chase a championship title in an array of staggering fights and matches. As soon as you become the champion, you will need to defend your title in the Title Defense Mode.

To add a little flavor to the game, Career Mode as well as Ultimate Fights Mode has been also added to the game. The Ultimate Fights and Career Mode let you relive 15 classic matches. Here, you will need to do specific tasks like win by KO, by decision, or even do a tie. If you are a fan then this game will definitely excite you.

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